Dave Grohl alley

In Warren, Ohio, where Dave Grohl was born, there’s an alley named after Grohl, and it’s full of Grohl-themed artwork, including a vaguely terrifying metal sculpture of the man. Recently, some disgruntled local vandalized the alley, leaving spraypaint on all of the art. And in a local newscast, the retired Police Sergeant Joe O’Grady claims that they’ve got the vandal on tape and that, when they catch the miscreant, the police will “make the punishment fit the crime.” O’Grady doesn’t say what that means, and I can’t even begin to imagine what it might entail. Being slapped by the giant hand from the “Everlong” video? Krist Novoselic chucking his bass up in the air so that it lands on the vandal’s head? A forced viewing of Sound City? Leave your ideas in the comments section and watch the video below.

Grohl will head into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame as a member of Nirvana on Thursday, so I’m guessing he doesn’t care that much about what’s happening to his alley.

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  1. Forced listen of the entire discography. That will teach him.

  2. He has to join Justin Beiber’s “entourage”

  3. “Fit the crime?” Maybe they’ll make a mural of the vandal, and Dave Grohl gets to deface it however he wants.

  4. He has to go and actually buy everything on the Foo Fighters rider coloring book AND color the book and do the activities.

  5. Nah dude, they’re going to spraypaint the vandal from head to toe.

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