Nirvana @ Saint Vitus

Last night, the surviving members of Nirvana made a surprising and awesome decision. On their way into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, those members played the ceremony, with a succession of badass ladies filling in for Kurt Cobain: Joan Jett, Kim Gordon, St. Vincent, Lorde. And after the ceremony, this mutant version of Nirvana adjourned to Saint Vitus, a small Brooklyn metal venue, to play a secret show. Alongside the Nirvana survivors, Jett, Gordon, and St. Vincent all joined the band at St. Vitus (sans Lorde), and J Mascis and Deer Tick’s John McCauley also came through. (McCauley, you may remember, also led the one-off Nirvana tribute band Deervana, making this something of a Judas Priest/Ripper Owens situation.) Below, watch fan-captured videos and check out the show’s setlist.

01 “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (with Joan Jett)
02 “Breed” (with Joan Jett)
03 “In Bloom” (with Joan Jett)
04 “Territorial Pissings” (with Joan Jett)
05 “All Apologies” (with Joan Jett)
06 “Drain You” (with J Mascis)
07 “Pennyroyal Tea” (with J Mascis)
08 “School” (with J Mascis)
09 “Lithium” (with St. Vincent)
10 “About A Girl” (with St. Vincent)
11 “Heart Shaped Box” (with St. Vincent)
12 “Serve The Servants” (with John McCauley)
13 “Milk It” (with John McCauley)
14 “Very Ape (with John McCauley)
15 “Scentless Apprentice” (with John McCauley)
16 “Tourette’s” (with John McCauley)
17 “Aneurysm” (with Kim Gordon)
18 “Negative Creep” (with Kim Gordon)
19 “Moist Vagina” (with Kim Gordon)

Part of me is terrified of the idea of this curious assemblage cashing in on the festival circuit next summer, and part of me really wants to see it happen.

[Photo via uniformrec.]

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  1. Cool that this happened, but by secret show at a tiny Brooklyn club, I’m led to assume “secret show for the industry elite / guest list only and maybe 5 lucky norms who snuck in at best.” Still cool, but it’s like dangling a carrot over the heads of us jack asses out there in the public.

  2. I hope somebody has footage of the J Mascis songs!

  3. Holy shit please tell me someone has footage of J Mascis fronting Pennyroyal Tea

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