Watch A$AP Rocky Debut A New Song At Ferg's Coachella Set

Towards the end of a Coachella set that saw A$AP Ferg run through album cuts like “Cocaine Castle” and “Shabba,” he was joined on stage by A$AP Rocky who debuted a new track. The song starts off with a whispered intro (“When the real niggas die/fake niggas gonna multiply”) before escalating into hazy, bass-heavy posturing that culminates in a killer hook: “Even in my will/ keep it trill.” Watch Rocky’s performance (and the whole set) below.

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  1. My biggest (and only) problem with rocky is this tendency to yell every line at every live show. I can empathize with it – you’re hype. Hype as fuck (HAF). But, for example, if you’re playing goldie, it’s not appropriate to rhyme like you’re fucking death grips and you’re putting out dicks for attention. You don;t need dick picks – the tracks are solid as is – and I’m not one of these people like “Oh, wow, the concert sounded like the album – that means it’s good” I know a good live act. Breath control, owning the stage, yeezy level type shit. Now I might be dating myself #sue_me but I remember Kanye doing gold digger on much music when it first dropped. Son’bitch came through screaming on the mic, zero breath control – too hype.

    Relax. You got this. Just ride that shit out like you wrote it. If you want to get amped, and wild the fuck out, write a danny brown monopoly jam and then get back to me.

    Also, is hurley from lost the fat kid from the Wedding Singer?

    And, if not, why not?

    • Totally agree with this point, DT. Furthermore, Ferg seems to do the same shout-every-line-because-you-are-HAF thing and it doesn’t work out on some songs. Trap Lord was great because his raps were pulled off with swagger and different cadences that gave his mostly garden variety lyrics a more distinct feel. I as well don’t want to go to a show to see a direct translation of the album, but using a monotone shout the whole show makes you look like the rap game Ben Stein.

  2. Much music? Careful donnytilla, your Canadian is showing

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