Watch Future Islands' Full Coachella Debut

Future Islands is coming off a few months where everyone finally recognizes that they exist after their excellent new album Singles, mostly after a meme-worthy and heartfelt Late Show performance. Frontman Sam Herring continued his passionate sincerity in his Coachella set yesterday. Watch the whole thing below.

“Inch Of Dust”
“Before The Bridge”
“A Dream Of You And Me”
“Tin Man”
“Seasons (Waiting On You)”
“Walking Through That Door”
“Long Flight”
“Video’s Eyes”

Singles is out now on 4AD

[Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images.]

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  1. just watching this performance in my room and I feel like getting up and dancing my heart out. Really wish I could have been there for this set, so so good. Even if you don’t really care for Future Islands style of music you have to appreciate a frontman like Herring. When you go see a band you’re going to be entertained and Herring takes pleasure in this I can tell. The crowd is dancing having a good time, the sun is setting, and Herring is is right at home on stage. Amazing Coachella debut. I was on my hands about going to see them at the Constellation Room here in Santa Ana but now I feel I’m obligated.

  2. They brought it just like they’ve been bringing it for awhile, which leads me to question: What the hell even is a “Coachella debut”?

    Aside from the obvious — Like, really? These guys have been playing shows for years now and maybe the setting of playing one of the largest and acclaimed festivals during their breakout added a little something special to this occasion, but it’s not like we are watching their first show ever or something. A lot of artists do the whole “I’m so thankful to be here” shpeel when on the stage anyway.

    Something that’s never guaranteed either: This may have been their Coachella “debut,” but you can’t claim to know if they will ever play it again or know if their next album will be quite as buzzworthy (Spoiler: They / it probably will as long as they keep doing what they’re doing) so to dramatize this as some monumental occasion in the world of indie music just seems like making a bigger deal out of this than it is.

    • tl;dr: Technically, tons of other bands — be it veterans, breakouts and newcomers — made their “Coachella debuts.” That’s just how the festival works. This isn’t the moon landing here.

      • Lol, yeah but I’m a new fan so I’m just excited too see them enjoying the buzz and sounding perfectly at home on stage in front of festival crowds. This performance gets me pretty excited about them and I’ll be binge listening to their two other albums after I get more spins on Singles.

    • A “Coachella debut” means that a band is playing Coachella for the very first time. Sterogumis linking to a video, just like they did for FI’s “Letterman Debut.” Is there anything in this post that suggests it’s “monumental?”

    • Dear michael_

      I think you’re the only one making a bigger deal out of it than it actually is. I, correctly, understood the post as it being their first performance at Coachella.

      What does NOT matter when speaking about Future Islands first performance at a specific venue:
      All their other performances at other venues.
      Whether they play this particular venue in the future.
      Whether or not their next album is “buzzworthy”.
      The significance of other bands, regardless of popularity, making their Coachella debuts.

      I’d actually suggest to you _michael, that you took 2.5 paragraphs to say nothing at all. And then you took the time to condense the nothing you spewed in the first 2.5 paragraphs, into a completely different, albeit identically irrelevant summary.

      I hope the rest of the day gets better for you.

  3. Peeepl cheeeeange**GROOOOOOOWL***

  4. THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  5. I fuckin’ love that guy. “WILL CRAAAAAVE!!!! WHATS GONE”

  6. I was fucking there! Right in the middle of the group of people center stage, a few “rows” back, who bounced through most of the show. This video is great, really nice to relieve it. But it doesn’t compare to the energy of being in the midst of those smiling, dancing people. Without the slightest bit of embarrassment, I went to see them solely based on the Letterman performance. I was NOT disappointed. I WILL see them again!

  7. Their set at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz last week was unbelievable. Glad to see them getting all the respect they deserve.

    Also, the last song is called “Vireo’s Eye” not “Video’s Eye.”

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