Sky Ferreira - "I Blame Myself" Video

Sky Ferreira’s searing, wounded synthpop anthem “I Blame Myself” was arguably the best song on her great debut album Night Time, My Time, and some of us have been wondering for months why it wasn’t a single. Earlier this month, Ferreira performed the song on The Tonight Show, and this morning, she debuted its video. Counterintuitively enough, the clip stars Ferreira as a badass drug-turf enforcer, the type of criminal who deals with police-station interrogations by going into aggressive-seductress mode. It also brings back the old “Beat It” idea that gangs should do choreographed dances. It’s a great, weird video, and you can watch it below (via SSENSE).

Night Time, My Time is out now on Capitol.

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  1. “this video is private”

  2. Sky Ferreira. She keeps on taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back. This song is awesome. her live performance on fallon was great. but this video. Holy crap it was awful. 1. it seems like she’s never been around black people before. 2. the dance. Holy crap the dance, so bad. It was like, hey “let’s do the thriller dance just from memory, but I’ll give you just 1 take and go!” but the step forward: she looks like a female version of a hot corey feldman from the 80′s circa Dream A little Dream.

  3. I lost it when she started undressing in front of the cop in the interrogation room. This song is awesome but this video is all sorts of ridiculous.

  4. Working really hard at this late 80s era Madonna impression. If this had come out in the late 80s it would have been pretty edgy, now it just seem bizarre. She looks good though, which I guess was the point.

  5. Is bad that after watching this video now i think Sky Ferreira is hot? So I think it was veeery fine.

  6. I really liked this video; until this point, I loved the album but Sky’s always felt more like a made up figure. This awkward-gangster dancing and fake tough stuff kinda humanizes her for me. Shows that she has a sense of humour, I guess.

  7. This horrible video(which really isn’t her fault) is probably going to bury this great album. Her new management should be fired for this horsesh*t.

  8. The song stinks, she can’t sing, she’s a moron, who cares? How she managed to dupe the Internet into thinking she’s something other than Selena Gomez is beyond me. Must be the nipples on the CD that did it.

  9. Great video love Sky. Looks like all the assholes found their way here today ..Good press bad press its all good …loved the whole video and song tired of all these Manufactured singers.

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