Swans - To Be Kind

New York postpunk legends Swans gave us their thundering monster The Seer in 2012, and they’re about to follow it up with the new album To Be Kind, a ferociously anticipated album for people who like to have their neural cavities caved in by music. “Oxygen,” the To Be Kind track that the band just shared, has the same off-kilter, vaguely jazzy feel as “A Little God In My Hands,” the other new song that the band has let us hear. But like that one, the eight-minute roar also has plenty of jarring primal force. This one has neary-churchy levels of intensity, and Michael Gira’s vocals are so animalistic that they’re almost wordless. Listen below.

(via Pitchfork)

To Be Kind is out 5/13 on Young God.

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  1. “people who like to have their neural cavities caved in by music” <<< That should be my new job title here.

  2. Gods, this is absolutely filthy!

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  4. This song makes me foam at the mouth.

  5. Best thing ever? Please, close the world for me.


  7. I’ve always liked the idea of Swans more than I’ve actually liked Swans, but this song is fucking awesome.

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