Courtney Love @ 29th Annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

Courtney Love started her own YouTube channel earlier this year, and it was only a matter of time before she got out of pocket with it. Last week, she watched Bruce Springsteen induct his E Street Band into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, and yesterday, she posted a video where she had a few things to say about him. In her video, Love had a few nice things to say about Springsteen and a few not-so-nice things, and the most notable of the not-so-nice things was this: “My Springsteen problem is just that saxophones don’t belong in rock and roll. They just don’t belong.” The video then cut to an image of Clarence Clemons, who, of course, died three years ago. Love eventually realized how insensitive this was, or maybe someone told her; she’s already deleted the video.

In other Love news, in a new interview with the Quietus, she talks a bit about everything she’s got going on, including the possible Hole reunion. To hear Love tell it, she rehearsed a few times with Hole’s Celebrity Skin-era lineup, only after her solo QOTSA-esque solo sessions weren’t cutting it: “Well, you sit and you write like, Queens Of The Stone Age drudge for a month, and it’s just not happening, and it’s not happening — not that Queens Of The Stone Age suck, but people expect a lot more from me. Josh Homme can play like, four notes on his bass and people take off their tops, but I have a higher bar for whatever reason. It has to be just fucking really really good.” (Also, a stray Springsteen line from that interview: “Most American people without tattoos are into Springsteen.” Guilty!)

The interview also has a bit where the interviewer explains the concept of “normcore,” the mostly-made-up fashion movement that immediately became a Twitter punchline, to Love. She is into it: “Like a taupe pant or a polo shirt? Oh, I’m into it. With pearls. Oh I’ve gotta look this up, this is for me. Because then I’d be ’pulling it off.’ Working actress.”

Courtney Love’s “Wedding Day” single is out next month on Kobalt. Also of note: Hole’s Live Through This just turned 20, and that album rules.

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  1. Homme. Bass. Yeah, that’s what he’s known for.

    • spot on. but yeah, the guy [Homme] and QOTSA are so talented that they can find ways to make 4 notes and often times just 1 or 2 notes kick so much ass. See: Feel Good Hit of the Summer, Sick Sick Sick, Medication, etc.

    • In her defense, Homme DID play bass on the self-titled QOTSA record under the alias of Carlo Von Sexron. So…uh….I guess she’s into their early stuff?

    • I am assuming she’s referring to the ditty he did with Reznor on that Grohl documentary.

  2. fun house>>>>>>>>>>courtney love

  3. i don’t find the clarence clemons reference offensive or even in bad taste. he died three years ago, and yeah it was sad, but still, three years. even the e street band got over that relatively quickly by hiring jake clemons almost immediately afterwards.

    i just find the whole idea that saxophones don’t deserve to be in rock music pretty ignorant, and especially writing off the entire springsteen catalogue which doesn’t even include clarence’s contributions even half the time. and for the other half, clarence is pretty much responsible for popularizing its inclusion to rock music and taking it to entirely other levels of musicanship. she can’t simply sit there and pretend like she’s a guitar-punk purist and hasn’t added string arrangements and other accents to her own work.

    • sorry dude, but if you think the band hiring Clarence’s nephew is symbolic of them being “over” his death you’re kind of missing the point.

      • oh whoops, let me rephrase that just for you. in the context of exemplifying/excoriating “sax rock” with a photograph of clarence, i don’t find that any more offensive than tossing jake onto the tour mere days after clarence’s death for the sake of filling a hole in “jungleland.”

        sorry dude

        • Mere days? Tossing Jake onto the tour? Do your homework, man. Geez. It was almost a year after Clarence’s death before Bruce toured again. And when he did, Jake was introduced as part of a horn section and did very little soloing at first. It was a very gradual, respectful thing. And whenever Tenth Ave Freeze-out is played, a video tribute to Clarence and Danny Federici shows on the video board.

        • You’re completely right, of course. A lot of people hated Springsteen’s use of sax when Clemons was alive and I doubt his death has done much to change that opinion. Obviously no one should go out of their way to be a dick and insult a dead guy, who was by all accounts a really cool dude… but the idea that you can’t have an opinion about somebody’s art three years after their death is just asinine.

  4. What do people “expect from” Courtney Love other than to embarrass herself like this on a regular basis?

  5. No sax in rock? It’s funny when people try to make rules for something with a rebellious nature like rock and roll

  6. Rolling Stones, Van Der Graaf Generator, X-Ray Spex, Morphine, Stooges, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Zu, Madness, Borbetomagus. You go, Courtney!

  7. Yes, Hommes can totally shred on the bass


  8. Homme is more talented at playing the guitar than her and anyone else she has prob played with. Even if you don’t play an instrument it’s obvious just by watching the guy. If she knew what she was talking about then I guess she would have said guitar instead of bass.

    • That’s like saying “pfft…well he can’t play the accordian”. He can play the drums too, but he’s even said he’s not “a drummer”. Who gives a fuck? He’s the Ginger Elvis! He could make a kazoo sound epic.

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