Pixies - "Women Of War"

The Pixies’ first new album in 23 years, Indie Cindy, is really just a collection of the EPs that they released over the past year, but fans who picked up the pre-release Record Store Day vinyl found a surprise inside: a new song, “Women Of War,” included on a 7″. You can listen to a stream of it below.

Indie Cindy is out everywhere 4/29.

[Photo via @SisterRayStore.]

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  1. They shouldn’t have kept calling themselves The Pixies after Kim Deal left the band. Why not The Pixels or The Poxes? Whatever, we’re all gonna die anyway.

  2. YUM. prolly will sound even better live with new bass girl doing more backup vox. i love their new songs, old pixies/new pixies, it’s all good.

  3. Total Surfer Rosa vibes!

    Right about now, Kim is thinking “What the fuck did I do?”

    • I thought the same thing when this album came out.
      “WTF I was thinking…”
      Maybe they were waiting for her to leave to start recording the new songs… who knows, right?

  4. oh man, easily their best new song

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