Sunny Day Real Estate - "Lipton Witch"

As previously announced, Sunny Day Real Estate has released their first new song in 14 years on a split 7″ with Circa Survive for Record Store Day. “Lipton Witch” was recorded in sessions that failed to produce a full-length following their 2009 reunion tour. The release of the song comes only a few weeks before the 20th anniversary of their debut album Diary that propelled them to emo fame. Listen below.

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  1. This almost sounds like a Rising Tide b-side; but Enigk’s voice has become even more interesting over the years. This is a real fucking treat to listen to.

    • yeah, I remember getting caught off guard when I first listened to How It Feels… since Enigk really changed up his voice there but I’ve grown to like the singing style just as much as i like his singing style on Diary. This is a cool song I’ve always liked these guys ever since I first heard Diary years ago

  2. I’m guessing the backline learned a few tricks from their time as Foo Fighters. still better than anything the Foos could come up with. ace.

  3. I want the guy who sang on Diary back. This sounds like fucking Creed or something.

    • The guy that sang on Diary was 19 years old. Enigk was 35 when “Lipton Witch’ was recorded and he has been smoking cigarettes and singing his ass off the whole time. Any fan of SDRE knows that his vocals have changed substantially with each new album. Comparing this to Creed is cheap and stupid.

  4. Tonally it reminds me of The Fire Theft, but the arrangement definitely pulls from LP2 and How It Feels… going all sorts of places you weren’t expecting, but fitting pretty much seamlessly. It’s grown on me. Enigk’s voice gets deeper and rawer but it’s still him through all that rasp. If he keeps singing like that, he’ll be in Roger Daltrey, of Brian Johnson before he knows it.

  5. Can we all please recognize the slow loris meets Call of Duty: Black Ops cover art? This is brilliant.

  6. Dude me too, I love LP2. It’s my favorite SDRE record for sure

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