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In recent months we’ve been witness to an escalating feud between Wu-Tang Clan members RZA (who’s desperately trying to assemble one last group LP called A Better Tomorrow) and Raekwon (who declared himself on strike from the Wu because he thinks RZA is an out-of-touch control freak). RZA tried to win Rae over with kindness Monday, telling Hot 97, “When you form Voltron, you need every piece. We need [Raekwon] there. I want him there. I ask him over and over to be there. Let’s just come together.” Now, in an interview with SI Now, RZA has laid down an ultimatum: If Raekwon doesn’t come on board within the next 30 days, the new Wu-Tang album won’t come out. RZA told host Maggie Gray that A Better Tomorrow is slated to come out in July and that as things stand currently he’ll have to decide whether to shelve the album or release it without Raekwon. Because RZA can’t imagine releasing a Wu-Tang album without every living member, he said the more likely scenario is that the record will never see the light of day. He did say he believes he and Rae will work things out, but given the trajectory of this conflict so far, that seems like wishful thinking. Watch the interview below.

Will either of these gargantuan egos budge? Should they? Does Raekwon have an opinion about Once Upon A Time In Shaolin? Is there any chance A Better Tomorrow could possibly live up the heightened expectations that come with so much drama? Stay tuned.

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  1. according to hhdx rae has verses on once upon a time, just not a better tomorrow…


    “In regards to The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, the project the group is selling one copy of, RZA says Raekwon is on the album. But as far as A Better Tomorrow is concerned, RZA says Rae has not assisted with the creation of that particular album.”

  2. I really don’t have any better way of saying this, I’m sick of any and all things related to the RZA at this point. Raekwon calling him an “out-of-touch control freak” is a perfect description.

  3. problem with this is, everyone that interviews RZA is backing him up. I don’t think the fact has really occured to him that, while he’s a great producer, his techniques do sound a bit dated. I’m not saying old school is bad, but it’s old school. Is another Wu record strictly produced by RZA/Mathematics/True Master/4th Disciple really what the world needs in 2014? Sure, it’s what all the radio hosts and yes-mans RZA’s been in touch with lately would prefer.. but is that what the people need? Rae’s definitely onto something.. “It’s 20 years later. We talkin ’bout a whole new generation is sitting here representin’ and making fiery shit…”. Why not invite the new guys onto the team and keep it Wu? It can be done.

    • I would agree, but then would challenge you to listen to Wu Tang forever and tell me that shit doesn’t still hold up.

      The producers ain’t sleepy, its the fatness that comes from being comfortable. The real issue is that there is no hunger, a lot of bitterness it seems among the members.

      Anything that comes out now seems like it will be forced. Which, is not good for a final product.

      • wasn’t saying Wu-Tang Forever doesn’t still hold up, because it definitely does.. and that’s because it was recorded 17 years ago. Context is important there. But it’s a problem when people are predicting a producer to not have evolved much sonically in a decade or so based on what we know and have heard lately. Not to choose sides but…. I gotta go with Rae.. there are ways of moving forward without sticking to the same ol Wu-print

  4. Raekwon strikes me as the type of guy who loves receiving ultimatums.

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