Wu-Tang Clan - Once Upon A Time In Shaolin

As previously reported, the members of the Wu-Tang Clan have spent years working in secret on a new album called The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. There’s only one copy of the album, currently being kept in a Moroccan vault, and the Wu expect to sell it for millions. (RZA claims he’s already gotten a credible $5 million offer.) Recently, Forbes sent the reporter Zack O’Malley Greenburg to Marrakesh to meet Cilvaringz, the Moroccan-based Wu affiliate who put the album together, and to look at the actual physical artifact. He also got to hear a clip of the music, and we get to hear it, too, around the 9:15 mark of the 14-minute video. All the video includes is a single Ghostface verse from an unnamed track, but it sounds pretty good? I guess? I don’t anticipate paying $5 million for it, though. (Richard Branson is in there, too, calling the whole thing “a really fun idea.”) Check it out here.

UPDATE: Rolling Stone reports that Cher appears on two songs.

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  1. Whoever buys this is a big jerk

  2. I love this. OWWWOOOOOOOOO!

  3. Damn, I sure hope the buyer uploads it to kickass.to

  4. Um, the guy in the video came to talk to my journalism class about a month ago.

  5. i hope this becomes available on itunes or another download site besides just the one copy of the 2 disc album if not all it is is a cash grab and pretty shitty for them to do to all of their fans! think about it if you cant get ahold of a digital copy then they arent in it for all their loyal fans to be able to hear their music and all it would be is a cash grab and im sorry but 5 million for a cd give me a break thats rediculous

  6. 1st off, it is spelled……..r”I”diculous, sorry had to do it =)….. 2nd…… most people, including I, view music as an art, like painting or sculpting, etc. so to say the creators of a piece of art should make a shitload of copies just so you can lazily download it for free from the convenience of your home is kind of asinine. Am I a fan, yes, do I wanna hear it, of course, but saying it is shitty of them to make a single copy of a piece of art for them to sell to the highest bidder is r”I”diculous. Me personally, I think it is a cool idea that would lose the aspect of it being a cool idea if millions of copies of it were made thus making it just another Wu album

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