Philadelphia-based Alexander Giannascoli, the 21-year-old lo-fi pop upstart known as Alex G, has amassed a treasure trove of music on Bandcamp in recent years. Next month he’ll release DSU, his first full-length for the Brooklyn record label Orchid Tapes and his first on vinyl. “Harvey,” one of many fine selections from the project, matches a steady, shambolic strum with sighing harmonies and a charmingly amateurish vocal that takes me back to the early days of Built To Spill. Listen below, and don’t be surprised if that wistful piano line lifts you into a daydream.

DSU is out 6/17 on Orchid Tapes. Pre-order it here.

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  1. if you’re not fucking with this you are behind as fuck

  2. almost TOO good

  3. Ive already put in a solid 15+ listens on this song alone, I don’t think its possible to be so stoked for an album

  4. pretty sure he introduced this song with either ‘this next one is a really good song, so pay attention. no texting’ or ‘this is the greatest song ever written’ at the show in portland last night

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