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It’s hard to imagine how many times Steven Tyler must have sung “Crazy” in his life. Certainly it must be in the thousands, right? Aerosmith have embarked on many a tour in the 20 years since the song came out, and it’s such a smash hit that they probably never skip it. Yet somehow Tyler seems to have forgotten pretty much all the words. As HyperVocal points out, yesterday Tyler stumbled upon some street performers in Lithuania (where Aerosmith had a concert) who opted to pay tribute by playing “Crazy” on violin and accordion. Video shows Tyler occasionally chipping in a word or two, but mostly he alternates between indulging in some utterly twisted version of his trademark falsetto screeching and marveling at the buskers’ performance. He looks, um, crazy. Watch the awkwardness unfold below.

All I could think while watching this was “This is going to be Wayne Coyne someday.”

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  1. I think he was just distracted because he was eye-banging the brunette on the right.

  2. Around the 1:00 mark this is absolutely hilarious.

  3. That, and I think he was just riffing a bit and enjoying their performance. It shows what kind of person he is,not totally covering up their beautiful music with his singing. I don’t think he forgot the lyrics at all. This article is dumb.

  4. he sounds like a raptor

  5. Cocaine’s a helluva drug.

  6. FYI! UPDATE! Aerosmith invited the buskers to perform on stage with them last night! VIDEO HERE!

  7. Get him to the Greek. OWWWOOOOOOOO!

  8. “This is going to be Wayne Coyne someday.” is perfect.

  9. Granted he’s been performing for 40 years and that song is from the 90′s garbage that most of the longtime fans loathe.

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