Lana Del Rey - "Shades Of Cool"

Lana Del Rey spent Friday night serenading America’s Favorite Newlyweds with three songs, including “Summertime Sadness” and “Young And Beautiful.” Those two hits were co-written and produced by Rick Nowels, and LDR has paired with the songwriter again on her latest single “Shades Of Cool.” It’s a gloomy, jazzy waltz with a big chorus — major James Bond trad-pop vibes — and it’s the third track on the Dan Auerbach-produced Ultraviolence. Listen below.

Ultraviolence is out 6/13 on Polydor/Interscope.

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  1. Even more exciting for Ultraviolence now. This is pretty great. Loving the new direction; glad she ditched the Born to Die sound.

  2. It sounds like she’s vying to sing the next Bond movie official theme.

  3. You know, after Born to Die I assumed she’d just fizzle out, but after “West Coast” and now this I’m sort of in disbelief at how much my feelings towards her have turned. I figured she might churn out a single or two I’d like, but not a song like this, which isn’t just enjoyable in its expression of her kind of silly but increasingly enjoyable persona but is actually sort of … emotionally affecting?

    Wow. Suddenly I’m really pumped for this new album.

  4. On a scale of 1 to mediocre this is like a 9. So above average for Lana.

  5. Currently slow dancing with a mop to this.

  6. I don’t entirely understand this gradual shift in public opinion on LDR. This is more a refinement of what she’s been doing since those first few singles, than an outright rejection as some people seem to think.

    • But didn’t people like those first few singles? Wasn’t a lot of the problem with the rest of the stuff that she put out?

      • This, the contrived persona, the dismal live performances probably contributed more to her swift and early downfall (seemed more like a backlash in retrospect than an actual downfall) so it makes sense that people might come back to her after realizing she’s not as bad as they thought – and actually has some redeeming qualities

        • The phrase “Gangsta Nancy Sinatra”

        • Yeah, like she’s actually quite good live. And if you don’t take her “image” too seriously her music is fun. But then what were Madonna, Lady Gargoyle or a million other artists at the beginning of their careers (and sometimes the entirety of their careers), if not an image?

  7. Yes they absolutely liked the first few singles and there wasn’t anything on ‘Born to Die’ that really truly betrayed the spirit of those first few.

  8. i know there’s a way to spin a ’50 shades of rey’ pun out of this, but i can’t think of it

  9. Why do people think this is super good? It’s very distant, and kinda overblown.

    Sharon Van Etten >>>

  10. Where is djfreshie when you need him?

  11. I think the problem with LDR isn’t with LRD. It’s with people being incredibly fickle. She released her first album and everybody loved it. It was such a nice change in pop music from all the horrible junk that had been coming out for years (I mean, isn’t that how Nirvana managed to get so popular?). Then, by the time her “Paradise” EP came out nobody cared anymore. Not sure why. Maybe because it didn’t sound EXACTLY like “Born to Die?” There where no Ennio Morricone sounding guitars, there was an upbeat pop song (well, for LDR), etc. Who knows? Some people/critics loved it, some hated it.

    But, for those who think she’s fizzling out, or is a disappointment, or can’t sing live, or whatever. Her most recent US tour sold out in 10 minutes. The entire tour. I managed to get a ticket to a show, and it was fantastic. It was just her and a 4 piece rock band. The crowd screamed the entire night like they were seeing the Beatles. LDR smiled throughout the entire concert and she sang great (it’s been a long time since that SNL performance, y’now)!

    And while I may not be as obsessed with LDR as those thousands of girls with insanely short cut off jean shorts and crowns made of flowers, I’m still really looking forward to the next album. The first two songs are pretty darn solid, and with Dan Auerbach at the helm I’m only expecting good things! :)

    • Please don’t compare Nirvana to LDR.

      Nirvana=touring in a shitty van for years and playing shows every single night to earn their big break.
      LDR bought hers with a lot of money from her rich father.

      • Oh, shut the hell up.

        • It’s true LDR’s daddy helped with some marketing with her album before “Born to Die.” Don’t think it really bought all of her success though. Every successful singer/musician gets a hand from somebody at some point. Am I right? Well, unless you’re Any DiFranco. Haha!

          I think Nirvana’s mainstream success had only to do with that “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video. That’s how Kurt Cobain managed to teabag every other angsty depressed turd of a teenage boy in the 90′s. I lived in a small midwestern town at that time, and I don’t recall their shitty van ever coming my way. But, that damn video was everywhere. As was that Killing Joke song they covered. ;)

          • You’re right. I don’t know what I was thinking. Lana Del Rey is way more relevant to the music scene than Cobain.

          • Ummm, you’re not even paying attention to what I’m saying. You just see LDR and Nirvana in the same sentence and get offended. Oh well, doesn’t matter. Kurt’s dead and Lana has a very bright future ahead of her.

            And PS, if you don’t dig her, you should stop trolling her Stereogum pages, ya weirdo!

      • Not to start a war over Lana cause some people are going to hate her no matter what, but she has played out tirelessly since about 2006. There are a million live recordings and videos from this time on youtube.

    • I actually think there’s more interest in the new stuff than anything prior (according to these comments, especially),. As far as the mainstream, I still hear that awful Summertime Sadness remix on the pop station all the time. I personally don’t think it’s a shift at all from any of her other stuff. However I do think ‘West Coast’ is far superior to this one.

  12. where have I heard this before?

  13. I don’t know… See, I’ve been a pretty constant supporter of LDR’s music, but this… this doesn’t really do much for me. Not like West Cast did, anyway. I’m actually surprised so many people have such kind things to say about it. But then, I can’t think of a single Bond song I ever truly loved, either (bloated, melodramatic pablum). I’m sure I’ll like this more within the context of the entire album. But for now, not a favorite.

  14. I hate this font that she won’t stop using.

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