Yesterday we reported that Spoon have signed with Universal-distributed Loma Vista Records for their eighth album, which was completed in March. The band’s manager recently told Rolling Stone that the album “coincides” with their summer tour, and since that tour starts with Primavera Sound this Saturday, you’ve gotta assume we’ll be hearing this thing soon. Last night the band quietly updated their social media profiles with the image above — SPOON R.I.P. JUNE 10. Is that a song title? An album title? Just a reflektor? The words apparently appear on billboards in Brooklyn, too, but when I search Instagram for “spoon” it’s not returning what I want. Anyway, this is all exciting if you’re a Spoon fan, and who isn’t? Check out the previously released album teaser below.

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  2. who can’t get into Spoon?!?!?! they’re probably one of the most accessible band that exist in the indie/somewhat majors-phere.

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    • You’ve already made it perfectly clear you don’t like them. Why bother with the reinforcement? No one will make the mistake to ask you for your opinion on them.

      Anyways, new Spoon is always a great thing. Ga^5 is one of my favorite albums, and their whole discography is solid.

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        • This is us not giving a shit.

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          • i kind of get why you would have that reaction after a show like that, and i’ve never seen them live, but somehow that description gets right at why Spoon works for me. Britt Daniel’s the handsome, stylish bastard you knew in college who has to make it all worse by actually being really as smart and gifted as his flatterers exclaim. he’s the true “elegant bachelor” Malkmus was thinking of while weirdly fixating on the silly sleek-chic of STP. but on the records, it feels like you’re in that club, and if you pay attention you see him looking past all the cloying scenesters to wink right at you.

          • For real? Britt has always been relatively down to earth and accessible. He talked about having AC/DC and Prince influences back in early 2000 when that was definitely considered ‘mainstream’ and ‘not cool’. Any time he talks about high school he makes it clear that he didn’t fit in. Jonathan Fisk is about getting beat up by a bully, for instance. As recently as Kill the Moonlight he worked a day job at Radioshack. When they played at UPenn Rotunda for that show, it was in a tiny room full of sweat. They went on super late, they were really high, and completely killed it. Played a huge setlist. Maybe recently they’ve found relative success and Britt seems more dapper, but its been very recent, and they certainly worked hard for it.

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        • Which you already made abundantly clear running in here to be the first to comment (TWICE). It’s one thing to have listened to their music and it not be your thing, but it’s another to dislike them because you’re the only person wearing Vans to a show of theirs. Ugh.

      • because he craves attention so desperately that he can’t control himself. 90% of his posts aren’t about music anyway they’re about him.

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  4. Need….new…Spoon…album…now

    They’re consistently brilliant, despite what some evidently crazy people here might claim.

  5. Well that’s great news. Aside from a few tracks, I was a bit underwhelmed by the last one, so fingers crossed.

    And this seems like as good an excuse as any to post a link to Metal Detektor from their first LP – it’s one of my favorite Spoon songs, but not well known, so check it out if you haven’t already:


  6. I don’t know how they could top Transference, but I bet they know how. Hope it was self-produced again.

  7. Michael,

    As much as I want to join in on the “Hate Michael” parade i simply cannot. I truly love Spoon and for the life of me cannot understand what it is you don’t like about them. That being said I have dutifully been buying Radiohead albums for close to 20 years and you know what? I F’ING hate Radiohead. I’ve tried to get it for years now. And it’s just absolute drivel to me.

    So if you want to hate Spoon…hate away. And while we’re at it….the new Arcade Fire really does suck. There, I said it. WAIT…last one…St Vincent is unlistenable and self indulgent nonsense. I lied….actual last one…Animal Collective is simply the worst. Are there actual SONGS inside all that horrid sound?

    Hopefully some of the hate directed at you will spill my way. I wanted you to know you are not alone.

    • why are you even reading this website

    • “I have dutifully been buying Radiohead albums for close to 20 years and you know what? I F’ING hate Radiohead.”

      WHY would you buy something that you don’t like? And why would you do it 20 times? Do you feel as if you should like Radiohead to fit in or something? I personally love Radiohead but I have no problem expressing their faults (like most of Hail to the Thief and half of King of Limbs). I don’t understand why someone would commercially support a band they have no interest in. Please explain, if you don’t mind.

      • woah woah woah…..Great comment and you are absolutely correct. The horrid reason I keep buying Radiohead albums is pathetic. I read the reviews, I talk to other music junkies, etc and it’s a universal thing that Radiohead is the greatest thing since sliced bread. And I keep thinking “I need to clear my head and my former prejudices and really LISTEN to this music and all will become clear”. And it never does. I wouldn’t keep wasting time on it except this kind of thing has happened to me before and with completely different results. I HATED Arcade Fire for years. And then one day the light went on and I started to wrap my little pea brain around it and eventually came to love them. Except the new one, which is shiiiite. But I keep listening to Reflektor in hopes that it too will become clear to me.

        Silly? Probably. But I sit in an office for 12 hours a day and listen to music. Sparklehorse was my fave band for years (RIP, Mark) and it was through this endless replaying that his personal vision made itself clear to me. To quote Chris Martin……”nobody said it was easy……” LOL

        • I also can empathize with you blochead. Accept I usually love a select few songs from these bands, which makes it even more confusing when I can’t get into their whole catalog. For example I LOVE like ten AC songs (What Would I Want Sky?, You Could Win A Rabbit, Girls, Honeycomb etc etc.) but I can never listen to one of their albums all the way through, despite trying several times a year.

          • yup……that’s exactly what I’m talking about. There are so few bands I can utterly rely on to put out music I know I’m going to love (I miss Wolf Parade sooooo much)………

            Thanks for the empathy

          • I hear ya, guys…but you know you can find ways of listening to the album before you actually buy it, right?!

            You don’t even have to violate copyright laws if you borrow the album from a friend or what are those streaming things called again??

        • I know what you’re saying. One band i just cannot get is Sigur Ros. I tried so hard, with so many albums and repeated listens, and kept telling myself that I like it, I’ll get it, just listen more. And one day … I just realised I was bored. Even though all the elements were there – imaginative songs that went in unexpected directions, unusual instruments, melancholy and joy … but nothing.

          • Yeah it’s strange when there are bands that for every available reason you feel like you should like them ie. similar style to other things you like, critical acclaim etc. but for whatever reason it doesnt connect at all.

          • Damn, that really sucks. Cuz Sigur Ros really blows my mind. I do find it really weird when you watch them live people are just losing their shit. And singing along in a MADE UP F’ING LANGUAGE. But it’s powerful stuff indeed. Sorry it’s lost on you.

            It reminds me of a great joke (I think it’s Patton Oswald, but not sure)
            “I don’t know how to describe funny. Why is when Jerry Lewis is trying to be funny I couldn’t be more bored? But when he’s being deathly serious I find him HYSTERICAL?”

            Music is weird like that……

    • Hold on a minute. SLICED bread?

  8. haha why does anyone feed these people?

  9. Cuz I run on hate. Need nourishment.

  10. very cool cant wait to hear it. Pretty funny trolling of the arguably most critically aclaimed AND popular artist of recent note (outside of Radiohead). I wish I had enough time to provide sad, desperate, and hate-filled coments but I just don’t. If I do not like Spoon, I would not even bother clicking on the story. Look into yourself and ask if you should post something, OR maybe just write it and wait ten minutes and then send it. I think most of the junk in the comments field could be removed with such self-policing. Sorry for the soap-boxing but there has been so much garbage and smack talk on this site lately.

  11. Weird ad campaign. The idea of a Spoon ad campaign is kind of mind boggling for me though. Too much too late… haha. Hope we dont have to deal with the hipster media overload like St. Vincent and Arcade Fire. I feel like it cheapens the music in the long run. Its a little nauseating when the ads are over the top.

  12. Well this is good news.

  13. Only Spoon song I’ve heard was “Don’t You Evah”, which I thought was really good. Guess I need to give a whole album a listen; which is their best one?

    • I’m partial to Gimme Fiction as their best, but I have an equally stubborn friend who swears by Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. Or, as Britt Daniel himself said, “anything other than Telephono”.

      (I also like Telephono, but it’s definitely not the Spoon we’re used to.)

    • yeah stick with Ga Ga Ga for an accessible intro, then progress to their best – Girls, Moonlight, and Transference.

    • If you’ve only heard “Don’t You Evah” then Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga is the album for you. “Don’t You Evah” is up there as far as favorite Spoon songs go.

      Gimme Fiction & Kill The Moonlight are great. I think do Kill The Moonlight 1st because “Small Stakes” is such a badass opener (of which, they have many). However, Gimme Fiction has “I Turn My Camera On” into “My Mathematical Mind” which is my personal favorite 1-2 punch in the Spoon catalogue (Of which, there are also many [see colinskys comment above, which he's right about being a great 1-2 punch])

      But sit with Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga for some time. It’s worth dozens of listens.

  14. Girls Can Tell you that Kill the Moonlight is easily their best album.

  15. #StereogumConfession … I kinda like Michael. Other than his hatred for spoon, he lacks the bravado of normal trolls. And rather has the confidence of a self loathing middle aged comedian who never made it. I dig it. And I’m happy to “click here to see” his next post that gets down voted a thousand times.

    Also… Spoon’s awesome, can’t wait. Divine Fits satiated the fans well in their hiatus. Nice to have those sloppy guitars back (sloppy in a good way).

    • #StereogumConfession……I kinda like Michael as well. His trollyness is unique and somewhat tempered.
      Obviously he’s a horrible person….but it looks good on him.

      • I am so not a horrible person and that offends me considerable. Putting “having an unpopular opinion about a band everyone else likes a lot” equating to me being as unsavory a person as rapey bros, deadbeat dads, drug peddlers, misogynists, cheats, liars, emotionally and / or physically abusive boyfriends, and so forth is ridiculous beyond belief.

        • I don’t care to form an opinion on your personality, and don’t mind you posting an unpopular opinion, even about Spoon. But you just comment way way way too much and everything becomes a back and forth about you and your unpopular opinions instead of the music. Just stand behind your original unpopular opinion and let it speak for itself without followup comments.

          • Not to make this “all about me,” but I do comment too much, I do recognize. It’s a side-effect of excessive loneliness throughout the day — being stuck inside your own head with nowhere to put your thoughts. I’m not a fan of it and wish the alternative was a person or two throughout my daily life to bounce shit off of, but right now, that’s not an option, so it’s to the comment section I go.

        • You can’t read through my obvious snarky (but kidding) tone of that last post?

          Damn man. Lighten up.

        • let’s just say horrible at social interaction.

  16. Michael,
    The group is HERE for you. Rant on, brother.

  17. R.I.P. just killed the fork

    …look, I couldn’t think of anything good

  18. I’m not a Spoon fan. I heard their song The Boxer or whatever in Borders and it sounded like a crap cover of Billy Joel’s “You’re Only Human”. Everything else sounded like Talking Heads if they were fronted by a stockbroker. Plus they dissed Bowie’d Let’s Dance. If you make boring music for boring people fine but don’t talk smack about music that isn’t made for your dullard ass anyway

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