Kool A.D. - "Word" video

Before today, the former Das Racist rapper Kool A.D. had released three videos from his strong Word O.K. mixtape — for “Open Letter,” “Tight,” and “I’m On A Plane,” and all of them were pretty good. All of them have to bow down, though to the majestic and deeply NSFW new “Word” video. In the clip, Kool A.D. imagines himself as a stoner cartoon dog who hallucinates his way to hell after rapping, fucking, watching TV, and engaging in a high-speed chase and shootout with a skeleton policeman. Kool A.D. himself co-directs with Teddy O’Connor. It’s all hysterically perverse in that Fritz The Cat sort of way, and you can watch it below.

Name your own price to download Word O.K. at Bandcamp.

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  1. Particularly awesome if you follow Victor’s IG account and see all of the similar art he’s slingin on there.

  2. awesome. kool is a very talented visual artist in addition to his music, if you haven’t already check his twitter/instagram accounts where he regularly sells his drawings and paintings

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