Billy Corgan puppy

Last week, Billy Corgan more or less broke the internet when he appeared on the cover of PAWS Chicago magazine, the annual publication for the local animal shelter, cradling two Siamese cats. (And yes, the publication did make the obvious Siamese Dream pun.) Now: I have no doubt in my soul that Corgan is a cat person; he’s left a decades-long legacy of music, and he sounds kind of like a cat person in all of it. But in the same PAWS issue, Corgan also gamely appeared with a homeless dog named Caterpillar. Corgan’s smile might not be as huge, but the point of the thing stands: Pet adaption is a great thing, and Chicago’s no-kill shelters are wonderful institutions. (As it happens, my dog Flapjack comes from a Chicago shelter, and he is the best dog.)

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  1. Picture was taken moments after the dog stated he’d rather do a shoot with Malkmus.

    And I agree: Pet “adaption” is a great thing.

  2. I like how in the cat photo, Billy is all teeth smiling and the cats are, as expected, not giving a fuck.

    Then in the dog photo, the dog is looking super happy, but Billy is like, “What happened to those cats?”

    I don’t know what it all means, but Flapjack is a damn good name for a dog.

  3. Was he holding a dog? Or was he holding Baby Corgan!?!

  4. anything is infinitely better with cats added to it. first law of the internet, innit?

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