Spoon @ Primavera Sound Festival 2014

Spoon have a new album coming sometime in the nearby, undefined future, and they’ve promised something called “R.I.P.” one week from today, though we don’t know what that is. This past weekend, the band played Barcelona’s Primavera Sound Festival, and, as promised, they played an as-yet-untitled new song. (UPDATE: It’s called “Rainy Taxi.”) For a notoriously studio-minded band like Spoon, a fan-made live video is not exactly the best way to experience a new song. But in the audio below, you’ll hear the skeleton of the type of song only this band can do. It’s got their own very particular combination of momentum, architectural precision, and weird noises (in this case, discordant avant-jazz piano runs). You won’t be able to see the band very clearly in the video below, but you will be able to hear the song.

You can also see some cool new swag and/or marketing materials for the Spoon release in this Instagram:

They Want My Soul is the name of the band’s 8/8 event in Hollywood.

“R.I.P.,” whatever that is, will be here 6/10.

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  1. So this video confirms my suspicion that shitty flip phones from ten years ago are making a comeback in Barcelona. Song sounds pretty great though.

  2. You hear that consant talking in the background? Apparently that’s the way you watch shows in Spain, you go stand pretty close to the stage with your friends and then you just speak and speak all through out the shows. I loved Primavera in many ways but hearing Spanish constantly speaked during sets wasn’t one of them.

    • This is 100% true.

      When James Blake was doing “Limit To Your Love” in 2012 there was this group of Spaniards that kept talking, and talking, and talking. Since we all know James Blake’s tunes teeter on the quieter, more minimal side, it was very distracting.

      • In their defence (in defence of the country of Spain) it was early in the day and people were just starting to drink and they were playing a song that no one knew; probably only big fans recognised it as a new song because it wasn’t announced as such. Also Spoon drew a surprisingly low crowd which was disappointing, I don’t know if that reflects their recent inactivity or their lack of popularity in Spain. During the other songs people seemed to be paying more attention, it was a bit of a party atmosphere.

  3. Sounds great. I love that Spoon is one of those bands that is constantly evolving but never really changes.

  4. You can see that Spoon genuinely love what they do, which is why they are still making music 20 years later. I have even more respect for them seeing that their first 2 albums were so commercially unsuccessful, and record companies screwed them over, but they still kept going and look at where they are now.

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