Weezer have been posting weekly video updates from the studio for several months now, and the last couple dispatches have been pretty substantial. The band previewed snippets of two songs that will ostensibly appear on their upcoming ninth LP, produced by Ric Ocasek, who helmed the Blue and Green Albums. “The Wasteland” starts out as a minor-key dirge with harmonized guitar riffs culled from heavy metal, while “Ain’t Got Nobody” is an uptempo power-pop track right in Rivers Cuomo’s wheelhouse. Neither one sounds on par with classic ’90s Weezer, but both suggest the possibility of a Green Album/Maladroit quality level. Check out both preview clips below.

Presumably we can expect this album by autumn, though at this point even a late summer release wouldn’t be out of the question. In the meantime, Weezer is also touring hard this summer. Read our report on Weezer’s set at BottleRock festival.

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  1. cmon, please please please be good. Maladroit/Green – level quality would be fantastic!

  2. Yes, that looks like a band that would play a cruise.

  3. what must it be like to be the bassist of weezer
    like, this band used to be great, and then you joined and now they’re crap
    must feel pretty bad

  4. It still sounds much much better than anything they’ve done during the past decade or so and at this point that’s good enough for me.

  5. The tracks sound… sort of promising. I would like to say though, regardless of musical quality, the band is pretty innovative with their little home movies.

  6. Could this be it, guys? A good Weezer album in over a decade?

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