Death Grips - niggas on the moon

Death Grips just unleashed half of a new double album, the powers that b. The first installment/disc, “niggas on the moon,” features Björk (who they remixed a few years back) on all eight tracks. The second disc will be titled “jenny death” and the album will be out officially later this year on Harvest/Third Worlds Records. You can now download a zip via and stream the whole thing below.

01 “Up My Sleeves”
02 “Billy Not Really”
03 “Black Quarterback”
04 “Say Hey Kid”
05 “Have A Sad Cum”
06 “Fuck Me Out”
07 “Voila”
08 “Big Dipper”

Death Grips will be opening for Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden in arenas this summer.

UPDATE: Read Björk’s statement about the collaboration.

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  3. six tracks in and this is shaping up to be the strangest thing dg has ever released

  4. What the fuck just happened??

  5. Mr. Lapatine, your link has asterisks in place of the expletive and thus doesn’t load correctly. You may want to link it using the actual word so that the download works without having to replace it manually.


  6. I’m listening to it now. Holy mind fuck, Batman. Having Bjork on the album makes perfect sense.

  7. The main complaint you’d read about Government Plates was that it was more of The Flatlander Show than anything. After listening to this, I’d take more of that. Up My Sleeves kills, as done Billy Not Really and Big Dipper, and it is cool to hear MC Ride come closer to being an actual MC than he’s ever been, but a lot of this is damn near cringeworthy. Fuck Me Out? Nah.

      • Listen man, I’m all for being a stan for your favorite artists, but I believe that includes knowing when their work is nowhere near as strong as it could be. In this case, the content of the production is disappointing, especially after how great of a mix we got of unprecedented chaos with fuckin’ bangerz we got with “Exmilitary” leading up to “Government Plates”.

        Sure, it sounds amazing, but after Black Quarterback I found myself wanting to check out. I’m just not noided enough for this one, I guess.

  8. Any word on whether the Bjork vocals are new / sampled / leftover from the Biophilia remixes?

  9. Did the Death Grips just ‘do a Beyonce’? (Except with less ass)

  10. Fuck me out is pretty bad pass, and I’m not one to just slobbering over everything DG does, but this is damn good.

  11. “Big Dipper” is seriously amazing. The rest of the album is flawed but also kind of amazing.

    • How odes one identify flaws in Death Grips music? What do they look like?

      • Most of the other stuff isn’t as viscerally, awesomely kinetic as like, “I’ve Seen Footage” or “Klink” or “Hacker” or

        • fuck why do I keep doing that

          any of the rest of their best stuff and as a result the middle kind of drags a little. But in the day or so I’ve had with it I’d still say it’s one of my favorite releases of the year.

  12. Strangest release since Ex-Military for sure. I’m not even remotely surprised by the chaotic nature of this.. what i’m surprised at is that it took them this long to release something this weird. Very DG

  13. I was actually expecting to download an empty .zip file…

  14. How does one have a sad cum?

    Black Quarterback <3

  15. sounds about right. i’d put a “>>” between the first two tho. the money store was a straight-up masterpiece. to my ears, everything else has hovered around “pretty good”.

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