alt-J - This Is All Yours

The British band alt-j won the prestigious Mercury Music Prize and earned themselves perennial festival bookings with their debut album, 2012′s An Awesome Wave, and now they’ve announced plans to follow that album up with a sophomore LP called This All Is Yours. It’ll be the band’s first album as a trio, after multi-instrumentalist Gwil Sainsbury left the group earlier this year. That’s the cover art above and we’ve got the tracklist below.

01 “Intro”
02 “Arrival In Nara”
03 “Nara”
04 “Every Other Freckle”
05 “Left Hand Free”
06 “Garden Of England”
07 “Choice Kingdom”
08 “Hunger Of The Pine”
09 “Warm Foothills”
10 “The Gospel Of John Hurt”
11 “Pusher”
12 “Bloodflood Pt. II”
13 “Leaving Nara”

This Is All Yours is out 9/23 on Canvasback/Infectious.

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  1. Looking forward to it. An album that good is hard to follow.

    • Agreed, tough to follow…I’m getting a bad vibe here….loss of a member, relatively short time between albums and that big fat gorilla in the room, the Mercury Music Prize award which reeks of future sophomore slumpage. I absolutely loved their album (who gives a fuck what Pitchfork thinks, really) but I’m going into This is All Yours hesitantly, hoping for another gem rather than expecting one..

  2. God, that tracklist reminds me how much I love John Hurt

  3. An Awesome Wave was insanely good. I never understood why p4k shat on it.

  4. Bring it on, An Awesome Wave was one of the best debuts in a while.

  5. The Pitchfork review was well written and outlines exactly why they shat on it. It’s stupid music dressed up as smart music for the masses. It’s awful.

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