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Morrissey has been canceling shows one after another lately, which unfortunately is nothing new for Moz. Now it looks like his entire North American tour is off thanks to health complications. In a Facebook post, a spokesperson for Morrissey shared the following message:

It is with great sadness that the remainder of the US Tour has been cancelled. The respiratory infection Morrissey contracted in Miami has worsened, and in the interest of making a full recovery, all further touring plans have been halted. Morrissey thanks his fans for their compassion, understanding, and well-wishes during this difficult period as he recuperates.

World Peace Is None Of Your Business, Morrissey’s first album in five years, is out 7/15 on Harvest.

UPDATE: Official Morrissey fansite True To You has a more complete backstory on the singer’s health. Camp Moz is basically blaming his illness and the subsequent tour cancellation on his longtime opener Kristeen Young, who “confessed to ’a horrendous cold’” in Miami and was asked to sit out some dates. Young maintains that it was just allergies. Here’s the statement:

Tuesday June 10th

Morrissey announces the close down of the present U.S. tour with “unimaginable sorrow”.
On Saturday, June 7th, following the show at Boston Opera House, Morrissey collapsed and was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital where doctors treated Morrissey for “acute fever”. Difficulties had arisen on May 31st following Kristeen Young’s opening set at the Miami Knight Concert Hall, after which Kristeen confessed to “a horrendous cold”, the symptoms of which were passed on to Morrissey resulting in the cancellation of the next show in Atlanta.
For the good of all, Kristeen was asked to step down from the immediate upcoming shows, but instead she decided to leave the tour entirely. Morrissey and the band wish her well and hope she is now in good health.
Morrissey received medical attention in Miami, and once again in Boston, but it was not enough to shake off the virus, the recovery time for which is too lengthy to meet the final 9 shows of the tour.
Morrissey and the band are otherwise delighted and very grateful for their experiences on the U.S. tour, some shows of which they considered to be their best-ever, most notably:

1 BOSTON Opera House
2 LOS ANGELES Sports Arena
3 BEAUMONT Julie Rogers Theater
4 NASHVILLE Ryman Auditorium
5 MEMPHIS Orpheum Theater

Amazingly, this is not the first time Morrissey asked Kristeen Young to leave his tour.

UPDATE 2: Kristeen Young has responded to the official statement…

Ok. Regarding the recent True-to-you statement from Morrissey: I did not “confess to a horrendous cold”. On Monday, June 2nd, I had an allergy attack that was over within 16 hours. I went to a doctor (on Monday, June 2nd), an allergy specialist, who gave me drugs for allergies…and they worked. I explained this (early on Tuesday, June 3rd) and offered this doctor’s phone number to Morrissey personally, via email, and the tour manager, Donnie Knutson (for proof….since they seemed to doubt me). But, they NEVER followed up with me or said doctor. Also….it is incorrect that I “decided to leave the tour completely”. I was asked to leave. Was called (in the presence of my band as witnesses) by Morrissey’s booking agent, Dave Tamaroff, and told that there would be a new support band in Boston. I am very sorry that Morrissey is not feeling well. But I will not tolerate these lies….particularly about my health. This is really too much and bizarre.

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  1. Oh wow! I hate brag that I got to see him in Miami. I wish him better health.

  2. “Last of the Famous International Sickly Smiths Frontmen”


  4. SOUNDS LIKE MORRISSEY IS STILL… oh forget it, I can’t finish that.

    I know there’s been a bunch of doubt about how sick he’s been these last couple of tours but if he’s really sick, hope he gets well soon.

  5. pffffffffffffffffffffffffffff…

  6. Real talk: how many times does he get to do this before someone calls bullshit on him?

    • THIS many times. Dude is a total hypochondriac, not to mention a magnet for accidents – getting tackled, that dog bite. Not to mention stuff like holding up his own book deal and going on rants about KFC or whatever… It’s almost like the washed-up celebrities that do outrageous shit just to get more photos is US Weekly. It’s been looking pathetic for quite a while now how he plays up little stuff and overreacts. Boy who cried wolf, even if he is actually sick this time.

  7. I wonder if anyone has suggested he have some chicken soup.

  8. This is all part of a new reality show that pits Morrissey against himself in a race to complete an entire tour without cancelling dates.

  9. Maybe if he ate meat he would have a less delicate immune system lol.

  10. This guy is tiresome

  11. I really don’t understand the point of throwing his opener under the bus. People get sick all the time and it’s usually enough to just say “Sorry, I got sick.” He seems like a bully.

  12. Perhaps he cancelled his tour to focus on the inevitable Smiths reunion?

  13. For anyone still planning to be in Brooklyn, our afterparty at Union Hall goes on and will be a very fun show…
    - Ravi / The Sons & heirs

  14. Does anybody remember the pool in the comments from when he announced this tour?

    • degenerex was right on point taking wagers about how many days Moz would cancel. The last option is just perfect:

      “25+ (He’s Morrissey, he can make it happen)”

  15. Must be the kind of respiratory infection that’s brought on by poor ticket sales.

    Seriously, I don’t understand why anybody (labels, promoters, publishers) continue to invest huge amounts of money in somebody who’s clearly highly unstable, waning in popularity, and 100% guaranteed to turn around and fuck the people who are trying to help him. They’re just enabling his shitty behavior, and yes, delaying the day when Moz has to go crawling back to Johnny Marr.

  16. I wonder if Morrissey believes that *we* believe anything he says? Or does he consider this diva stuff to be part of his curmudgeonly charm?

  17. that’s what happens when you are vegetarian kids

  18. Apparently the aforementioned light does go out

  19. Seriously…who down voted the above? I was over here thinking that was really clever.

    Tough room

  20. I will never forgive Morrissey for ruining a date waaaaaay back when I was in high school. I got good tickets to his show (not cheap for a teenaged me) to try and impress a girl. He stopped the show and left during like the second song because he was overwhelmed by the adoration of the fans in the front couple of rows. Seriously. He just said “I can’t take this any longer” or something, and just walked off, leaving the band looking stunned. Screw that sanctimonious douchebag.

  21. What a vile shitbag of a human. I got reliable info from forest dwelling creatures, household pets, marine mammals, and more that even animals want him to go away.

  22. Moz vs Kristeen: Where’s the beef? Oh wait……

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