The Unicorns

Spazzed-out Montreal indie greats the Unicorns, who broke up in 2004, hinted at a possible reunion earlier this year, but when we reported it, frontman (and Islands mastermind) Nick Thorburn emailed us and told us not to get our hopes up. Well, get your hopes up; Unicorns are officially back together. They’ve got a Twitter and everything. And as Pitchfork points out, they’ll open five dates for Arcade Fire in the month of August. They’ll play the Forum in Inglewood, California 8/1-2, and they’ll also open Arcade Fire’s three-night stand at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center 8/22-24. (Dan Deacon will also play all three shows.)

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  1. If you would’ve found me listening to “Who Will Cut Our Hair” on my Discman back in 2003 and told me that, eleven years in the future, the Unicorns would be playing three shows at the Barclay’s center, I would’ve said, “Awesome. I KNEW they’d become the biggest band in North America.” And then I’d say, “WTF is the Barclay’s Center?”

  2. Too perfect.

    11 years ago THE Arcade Fire were opening for The Unicorns.

  3. Can we expect a 2014 EP perhaps? Wait..

  4. Perfect!

    Side by side till 2025 :)

  5. They have to play a show together in Montreal this summer right? RIGHT?! S’il vous plait criss en tabarnak!

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