Riff Raff and Mac Miller

Riff Raff’s long-in-the-works debut album Neon Icon is only a week and a half away from release, and we’ve already heard the early singles “How To Be The Man” and “Kokayne.” But the new Mac Miller collab “Aquaberry Dolphin” is the first thing we’ve yet heard from the album that returns Riff to his absurdist money-talk prime. And it’s great to hear two of the greatest drug-addled white rappers in the game trading ridiculous lines. These two have chemistry! Listen to the track below.

Neon Icon is out 6/24 on Mad Decent.

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  1. This album is awesome and this song rules. I expected absolutely nothing from it when I dl’d it, and I am immensely surprised at how much I like it.

    Kokayne is by far the worst song on the album IMO, so don’t dismiss it based on that.

    So much diversity stylistically on the album as a whole and it sounds amazing prodcution-wise. He went for it on this one and I hope he gets what’s coming.

    • One of the reasons I listen to hip-hop is because it can make me smile big or laugh out loud, which happened all throughout this tune here.

      I haven’t heard the whole album yet, but I feel like I’ll be bumping it all summer chuckling along to RiFF RAFF.

      Production sounds gorgeous. Mac’s Game of Thrones reference was great too. Love how he didn’t turn it into a sex reference, literally just chilling waiting for them dragons to grow up. So great. Listening again.

  2. i could freestyle to a dolphin and a tambourine

  3. Such a jam! His album is definitely worth checking out.

  4. Neon Icon’s opening track alone is worth the price of admission. After hearing it, I pre-ordered the album immediately.

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