Fans Successfully Crowdfund Foo Fighters' Return To Richmond

Back in March, some dedicated Foo Fighters fans hatched a plan to make the band play a concert in Richmond, VA, where they hadn’t performed since 1998. Their efforts paid off yesterday — after convincing 1,400 people (and a few local companies) to buy tickets for $50 each for a concert that didn’t officially exist, the Foo Fighters confirmed on Twitter yesterday that they’d be playing in the city. “I’m beyond excited,” campaign organizer Andrew Goldin told WTVR. “Just when I thought I couldn’t like this band anymore they go and do something like this. There’s no date or venue set but they’ll probably make the stop when they go on tour to support their eighth album, which is due out in the fall.

Watch the campaign’s original promo video below.

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  1. A victory for the human spirit.

    • gonna go out on a limb and say its because they’re fans and want to see the band play

    • That’s what I was wondering too! Why go see them live, when I’m sure they
      ll be selling out some more on another Ellen Show appearance! Still can’t believe they haven’t put out a “Nirvana Covers” album. I’m sure it’s in the works…

  2. Good for Richmond? It must be their turn for something.

  3. Foo fighters 15 years after people thought they were cool is better than AAA baseball, right?

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