The Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt

It doesn’t feel right to call New Jersey’s Gaslight Anthem a punk band anymore. Instead, in the wake of 2012′s deeply satisfying Handwritten, it makes more sense to call them one of the best straight-up no-qualifiers rock bands currently operating on a larger stage. The band has just announced plans for Get Hurt, album number five. They recorded this one in Nashville, and they’re claiming that it’s relatively stripped-down, though it’s not like this band has ever abused string sections or Mellotrons. The album will be out in a couple of months. In the meantime, check out the tracklist and a teaser video that features a bit of opening track Stay Vicious.

01 “Stay Vicious”
02 “1,000 Years”
03 “Get Hurt”
04 “Stray Paper”
05 “Helter Skeleton”
06 “Underneath The Ground”
07 “Rollin’ And Tumblin’”
08 “Red Violins”
09 “Selected Poems”
10 “Ain’t That A Shame”
11 “Break Your Heart”
12 “Dark Places”
13 “Sweet Morphine” *
14 “Mama’s Boys” *
15 “Halloween” *

* Deluxe edition bonus track

(via Clash Music)

Get Hurt is out 8/16 on Mercury.

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  1. Why did you ever call them a punk band? I mean, I know it’s what their publicist told you to call them in the press materials, but what about ’59 Sound was remotely punk to you? And I loved ’59 Sound as a great, Springsteen inspired album. But there was nothing remotely punk about it or anything that has followed. They’ve always been wanna-be stadium rock – which I’m not insulting; they’re good at it. But music blogs willingly calling them punk just because their label/publicity machine told you to for “authenticity” always got under my skin a little.

  2. If Brian and the boys keep putting their heads down and work on albums that show new sides to them, they’ll find themselves as a pretty heralded band by the end of this decade. I’ve seen them live, that’s one area I hope to see them elevate a little more, cause they’ve got the potential.

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