Josh Homme @ Meltdown

Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme doesn’t play too many solo shows, but he played one last night as part of London’s Meltdown Festival, which UNKLE mastermind (and previous Homme collaborator) James Lavelle curated. Homme’s set was heavy on quieter QOTSA songs, and it also included a duet with Mark Lanegan on Lanegan’s “One Hundred Days.” But the big news from the set was this: Homme debuted a solo song, an acoustic dirge called “Villains Of Circumstance.” It’s easy to imagine this one being blown out into a QOTSA stomper, but for now, it’s plenty pleasant on its own, and it’s a rare chance to hear Homme exploring the upper registers of his voice. The fan-made video below isn’t very clear visually, but the sound comes through nicely; check it out.

(via Antiquiet)

So: Would a Homme solo album make sense? Or is every QOTSA album already basically a Homme solo album?

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  1. pretty much every queens’ record is a josh solo record. he’s the only original member. he writes the songs, melody, and even occasionally drum parts. plus he’s gone on record saying ‘why would i do a solo album. it’s not any fun when you make a record by yourself.’ plus he has the desert sessions, which feels more solo. though i wouldn’t mind listening if he did so. none the least…

  2. wouldnt it be rare if Homme didn’t explore the upper registers of his voice? there’s probably more QOTSA songs with falsetto than not.

  3. Considering most Qotsa albums are heavily collaborative, a solo album wouldn’t be out of place, it just wouldn’t be all that much different. I kind of felt …Like Clockwork resembled more of a solo album than any other Qotsa record because it was focused almost solely on Josh rather than an even spread of band members plus guests.

  4. Warwick Agrees

  5. He may have “debuted” this song last sunday at Northside festival in Aarhus, Dk in fact. but you guys weren’t there.

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