Coldplay - "A Sky Full Of Stars" video

At this point, Coldplay are old hands at the supremely goofy rock-star stunt, and their new video for “A Sky Full Of Stars,” the Avicii-produced track from their new Ghost Stories album, certainly qualifies. In the clip, the members of the band walk down a busy city street, playing the song while wearing ridiculous-looking one-man-band getups, and the throngs of passersby seem absolutely thrilled to see them. It’s structured to look like they surprised everyone, and I have my doubts, but maybe. Either way, the video walks the line between “nice” and “embarrassing,” and that line is pretty much where Coldplay live. I come down just slightly on the “nice” side, but your mileage may vary. Watch the video below.

Ghost Stories is out now on Parlophone/Atlantic.

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  1. Man this song is embarrassing.

  2. I feel bad for wasting my time watching that video. And the worst is that the awful song will be a hit for sure.

  3. The Verve/Richard Ashcroft did it first and better.

  4. Ugh w/ the cameraphones. You are IN the video! It’s being documented!

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