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Sam Smith’s whole life is essentially a whirlwind press tour these days, but it’s especially so this week in conjunction with the North American release of his debut album In The Lonely Hour. Wednesday, the night after he wowed the Apollo with Mary J. Blige, he stopped by The Late Show to do the same for David Letterman. Below, watch Smith emote his way through the solo version of “Stay With Me” backed by a string quartet and a gospel choir.

In The Lonely Hour is out now on Capitol, and certain parts of it will make you say “OMG” too.

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  1. Look out Rick Astley…

  2. He has a great voice, but how many times can you repeat the chorus in one song?

  3. b-b-b-oring. And for some reason melody got I Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty in my head.

    • Agreed. The reason is because this song rips off “I won’t back down”‘s chorus.

      • Except it doesn’t at all. Just because the words fit in the same space? Come on, it’s not in the same key, not the same notes, not the same tempo, not the same type of song. Open yo’ earholes already.

        • I meant “I wont”‘s verse, not chorus. The chord progression for most of “Stay with Me”‘ is 6,4,1. “I Wont Back Down”‘s verses are mostly 6,5,1, and in these cases, the major 4 and 5 chords are basically interchangeable. Add that the vocal melody occurring at those parts (as simple and predictable as they may be) is similar and yes, the songs do sound similar and you’re wrong. It doesn’t matter much that they’re in different keys (Petty is G major and Sam is C major), because they’re both in major keys and the chords of a key are just proportions so you can write the same-sounding song in several keys of the same quality (major, minor, etc.).

  4. Stereogum has officially entered the clickbait game.

  5. The bassist at 2:50 is killin the game

  6. the song is super boring but his voice is unreal

  7. I love Sam Smith.

  8. Dave to musicians: “How do you know when to play?”

  9. Dude has an incredible voice, he doesn’t need a freakin’ choir of backup singers.

  10. OK, so this is totally random but today I learned that while at university Sam Smith did a year abroad in the states where he lived part time with none another than Ty Pennington (from “eXtreme Makeover: Home Edition”)!

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