Watch Pearl Jam Cover Some Of "Let It Go" From Frozen In Italy

Pearl Jam is one of those bands that inspires intense fanaticism, a band that parents will drag their kids along to kicking and screaming so they can expose them to the band’s genius at an early age. Well, some bored young ones in the audience at their show in Milan on Friday were in for a pleasant surprise when Pearl Jam launched into the inescapable “Let It Go” during an extended riff on their song “Daughter.” Watch the band take on the Frozen hit (and possible song of the summer) below.

[Photo by Jason Oxenham/Getty.]

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  1. Geez, Eddie & Co.

  2. They’ve played so many songs during the coda/jammy part of Daughter that I can’t come close to remembering them all now. Sometimes they work, like with Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2, and sometimes they don’t, like here. Although I think it’s just as likely they’re taking the piss out of the ridiculous popularity of that song, it’s still bad. And Eddie moves into It’s OK pretty damn fast.

  3. raja  |   Posted on Jun 26th +1

    umm…why does the pearl jam dude look like a suburban soccer dad who lives in orange county with a land rover and three kids with perhaps a bitchy wife who is a cast member of the real housewives of orange county? ha…just a bit traumatizing…eddie, I know people age but sheesh…could you not have attempted to keep it a bit hip and trim? no more Italian lasagna for you! getting a bit too lazy and comfortable by the looks of it my friend! I mean you were the pearl jam dude, get a hold of yourself man!!

    • That is so far away from what Pearl Jam are. I mean, like, clearly you don’t know anything about them. Further, suburban soccer Dads that I know look nothing like that.

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