Icona Pop - "Get Lost"

In “I Love It,” the Swedish duo Icona Pop already have one massive, sweeping, fired-up, zero-subtlety international smash to their name, and now it at least seems possible that they’ll have another. The duo debuted a monstrously catchy new single called “Get Lost” on Swedish radio recently, and it’s making the internet rounds now. It’s a gleaming weapons-grade hook-delivery machine with a chorus that sounds bigger than the known universe. I’m not saying it’ll be huge, but I am saying that it could be huge. Familiarize yourself below.

No word on a new album yet, but “oh hey I wonder if a new album is coming” is a weird thing to think when that song is playing anyway. “Whoaah wuh-hooaah” is probably more where my head is at.

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  1. I wonder if they’ll credit Beck and Bat for Lashes for writing the chorus

  2. Am I the only one who couldn’t stand their album? As much as I liked I Love It and some of their other songs, it felt like going to a lame party where someone got too drunk, started screaming “I’m having so much fun” before vomiting all over the staircase.

    And unfortunately that ruined Icona Pop for me. Also, are they doing anything themselves, apart from yelling in synch?

  3. Mmm, gives me chill balls.

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