She Keeps Bees - Eight Houses - Album Cover

Jessica Larrabee and Andy LaPlant are gearing up to release Eight Houses, their fourth album as She Keeps Bees. Single “Is What It Is” sets Larrabee’s soothing alto murmurs against minimal organ parts and a sparse drumbeat, and the less-is-more effect is powerful. Notably, it’s one of two songs on the album that features Sharon Van Etten’s vocals. “You are worthy/ I am worthy,” Van Etten and Larrabee sing. The song is worthy too; hear it below.

Eight Houses is out 9/16 on Future Gods in the US and 9/26 in Europe via BB*Island. She Keeps Bees plays Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn on 8/21, and a full US tour itinerary is coming soon.

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  1. Gorgeous and haunting vocals. Curiously just about everyone I’ve played your previous songs for makes the Cat Power comparison when it comes to Jessica’s vocals, however, I’ve always heard more of a Gale Garnett / Young Florence Welsh lilt myself. Beauty is in the ear of the beholder I suppose.
    So is this song indicative of the Album as a whole?
    Don’t get me wrong, while I enjoy this minimalistic departure I do hope the other tracks are a little “dirtier” and features your signature guitar & drums which I’ve come to enjoy so much.

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