Watch Metallica Respond To Glastonbury Critics With Fox Hunt Parody

Metallica came under some fire before their headlining performance at Glastonbury after some festival fans tried to ban the band from appearing because of James Hetfield’s views on big game hunting. The petition — which came in the form of a now-deleted Facebook page — called for their removal from the lineup following the announcement that Hetfield would be narrating a History Channel documentary on an Alaskan bear hunt. The petition was unsuccessful and the band poked fun at the controversy at the beginning of their set with a Julien Temple-directed parody video that features a frenzied fox hunt and all four band members in bear suits with guns on their shoulders. Watch the video below.

Some artists backed the petition, most notably Mogwai who called the band “shite” and “unbelievably bad.” Jack White was supportive of the metal band, however, and even incorporated the riff from “Enter Sandman” into his set at the festival.

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  1. I’ll stick with Mogwai on this.

  2. haha, Jack, always reppin’ hard.

  3. Aw man Mogwai is so edgy and cool by hating on a popular band oh man.

  4. That’s a pretty stylish trolling.

  5. I want to know when Jack White will stop ripping off the Black Keys on a near daily basis. WTF?

  6. I’m glad I’m old enough to remember when Metallica was the most badass thing on the planet.

    Thos memories sustain me through this kinda stuff……

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