U2 at Angel Stadium

U2 were supposed to make a big return this year with a new Danger Mouse-produced album. They released the new single “Invisible,” they shot a Super Bowl commercial, they made a music video, and they performed on Jimmy Fallon’s first Tonight Show. But then the album was delayed. Depending on who you ask, it’s either coming out later this year or sometime next year. If you want to hear it now, though, you only have to sit outside Bono’s beach house in the South of France.

As the fan site @U2 points out, a piece of new U2 audio, possibly of a song called “Song For Someone,” recently leaked because someone recorded it outside Bono’s beach house. The audio is streaming at this site, and you can’t really hear much of anything, but it’s pretty hilarious that this keeps happening. Bono apparently loves jamming his own music at his beach house so much that snippets of it keep leaking out. It happened in 2006, and then it happened again in 2008. And given that we still don’t know when this new album is coming, it might well happen again.

[Photo by the late Andrew Youssef @ Angel Stadium]

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  1. To be fair though: if you’re working on making an album (and even delayed the release of an album to work on it again) chances are you’re gonna have to listen to it a lot, and loudly. And if you’re lucky enough to have a beach house all your own in which to do so, there ya go…

  2. I’m still convinced that those early low quality recordings recorded at a beach were the precursor to Chillwave.

  3. The Only Band That Mattered

  4. You gotta hear how it sounds, and they aren’t from the earbud generation. Though I do believe the previous times he was playing it for guests, I read something where the story on this occasion was that his daughter was the one who did it.

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