Watch André 3000 In The Jimi Hendrix Biopic Trailer

The André 3000-starring Jimi Hendrix biopic All Is By My Side is coming out this fall and the official trailer has just been unveiled. While the film doesn’t use any actual Hendrix songs because they couldn’t get the rights to them from his estate, it does make heavy use some generic Hendrix-like guitar riffs and covers that Hendrix performed throughout his lifetime. The movie got pretty good reviews when director John Ridley shopped it around at some film festivals last year, so we should be in for a treat when it comes out in September. Watch below.

All Is By My Side is out 9/26

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  1. FYI – John Ridley, not Ridley Scott.

  2. Andre’s acting seems very convincing, but the whole thing looks like a TV movies.

  3. Looks like shit to me.

  4. I thought I heard that the reason the music rights weren’t given is because they(the estate) felt the screenplay didn’t really fit with who Hendrix was. Not sure if this was just a rumor though.

  5. andre seems like a good Hendrix to me I’m sold

  6. It does kind of look like a made for TV movie, but I’ll give it a shot when it comes out. Andre seems like a good choice for the role of Hendrix. I heard he spent a lot of time learning how to play left handed so he looked more convincing. I like when actors invest in the role like that.

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