Wayne Coyne Miley Cyrus tattoos

The Wayne Coyne and Miley Cyrus party train rolled on Saturday in the form of matching tattoos. Specifically, at a house party in Los Angeles, the controversial Flaming Lips frontman and the also-controversial pop superstar (as well as Coyne’s girlfriend, Katy Weaver) got matching chest tats of Cyrus’ dead dog Floyd along with the saying, “With A Little Help From My Fwends.” The whole ordeal not nearly as discomfiting as this photo, so that’s something, I guess. As previously reported, the Flaming Lips will be heavily involved on the next Cyrus album. Check out the photo evidence of the tattoo party below, and watch Coyne and Cyrus performing together for the Billboard Music Awards here.

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  1. well at least he’s keeping busy.

  2. As a long time (and now former) super Flaming Lips fan friend of mine said this weekend: “Steven Drozd gave Wayne his second career and Miley is giving him his third.”

  3. Giving a shit about Wayne gets harder by the minute.

  4. It’s funny because at this point it’s not even surprising. OWWWOOOOOOOO!

  5. The whole Wayne and Miley being besties thing is what has finally set me over the edge to just abandon the Flaming Lips completely. The gimmicks had been getting more grating year after year, Wayne sounds like an insecure ghost on stage, and now he’s best friends with the twerk queen.

  6. Coyne has truly lost his mind. This cringeworthy debacle is a drug-addled midlife crisis, to be sure. And Miley Cyrus doesn’t have sense enough to avoid any attention, however embarrassing, and asinine.

  7. people get way too serious about this shit, they’re just having fun and that tattoo is pretty funny. wayne wins as usual

  8. that may very well be in the top 5 of worst tattoos ever made. and that includes “live” and flying birds

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