Weird Al - "Tacky" Video

In the YouTube era, Weird Al’s shtick isn’t so novel anymore. The songs he spoofs on his 14th album Mandatory Fun“Happy,” “Royals,” “Fancy,” “Blurred Lines,” etc — have already been parodied on the Web. But Yankovic realizes that he’d be better off with a more timely release strategy, not beholden to the LP format. The new album is the last under his RCA contract and he tells NY Post he’ll likely pursue digital self-distribution, Louis CK-style. “The album format doesn’t seem to be the best for my stuff,” he admits. Still, Mandatory Fun is enjoyable, especially on the first listen, and “Tacky” (his remake of Pharrell’s chart-topper “Happy”) is a highlight. The video features Yankovic along with comedians Aisha Tyler, Margaret Cho, Eric Stonestreet, Kristen Schaal, and Jack Black all dancing in garish outfits. Not sure why there is no #PharrellHat cameo. (UPDATE: Scratch that, it’s there.) But watch it below via Nerdist, who point out that it was filmed in the space that was Julianne Moore’s apartment in The Big Lebowski.

This is the first of eight videos for the album that will be rolled out over the next eight days. “Because what I do is comedy, it burns more quickly than a traditional album,” he says. I like the idea of every single one of my videos going viral for a day.”

Mandatory Fun is out tomorrow via RCA. As always, the polka is the best part.

Yankovic also has something planned for the 25th anniversary of cult hit UHF on 7/21.

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  1. i see the #PharrellHat on the coat rack during margaret cho’s part

  2. The Pharrell hat is hanging on the coat rack that Margaret Cho walks past.

  3. Is it possible to not like Weird Al?

  4. Margaret Cho– looks really good in this video~~~

  5. Man I’m glad this exists.

  6. Dat high hat

  7. Forever crushing on Kristen Schaal.

  8. Lana…Lana…LANA!!!

  9. What…?


  10. Anybody having issues with this video pausing every few seconds?! Very annoying!

  11. #8videosandanalbum best week ever

  12. Looks like Pharrell has officially hit the big time!

  13. Definitely consider this a success. Love the video and it makes me love “Happy” even more than before.

  14. (Because I’m Tacky) Got my New Resume it’s printed in Comic Sans

  15. I wish Weird Al would bring back some facial hair and put his glasses back on. He looks a little creepy the way does now.

  16. I thought the title was “Crappy” oops.

  17. Man, mainstream fashion is so “anything goes” these days that I honestly don’t find anything worn being entirely tacky at all.

  18. Is it cool to like Jack Black again? Because: never has his otherwise overtly hysterical behaviour been more appropriate than in this video. Personal highlight!

  19. I’ve got a problem with this article. Sure, we’ve already seen parodies of Happy and it’s kind of expected for Weird Al to do one. But Tacky is a Weird Al-quality parody. First, the music is perfect, and it’s no karaoke track – Weird Al always re-creates the track with studio musicians. Second, the lyrics are a fun joke without being mean-spirited. They don’t make fun of Pharrell or of the concept of happiness or how catchy the song is or how annoyed people were with how catchy it was. The only butt of the joke is the singer, Weird Al, just like Fat or Amish Paradise or Another One Rides The Bus. He’s delivered consistently for nearly four decades, and with Tacky Weird Al still is.

  20. You aren’t a real music artist until Weird Al makes fun of you. End of story.

  21. Because I’m tackyyyyy I put my shitty website’s watermark on someone else’s work… So tackyyy…

  22. I would seriously have no problem wearing most of those outfits.

  23. I don’t care how many people on youtube have done parodies, NOBODY can beat Weird Al.

  24. Word Crimes is the best song of the bunch so far, though. That’s a real piece of genius right there.

  25. I could watch Jables dance for hours.

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