Jenny Lewis - "Just One Of The Guys" video

Later this month, Jenny Lewis returns with The Voyager, her first solo album in six years. It’s really great. You’ll like it if you like things that are great. Lewis directed her own video for “Just One Of The Guys,” the Beck-produced lead single. And to play her backing band, she put together an enviable lineup of movie stars: Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart, Brie Larson. (Lewis herself is also a movie star of some note; word to The Wizard.) In the colorful clip, all the ladies dress up in mustaches-plus-tracksuits dirtbag drag, making me wonder if there are actually any dudes who fit quite this stereotype. Working theory: They’re all pretending to be members of Korn. It’s a fun and poignant video, and you can watch it below.

(via GQ)

The Voyager is out 7/29 on Warner Bros.

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  1. Plus Tennesse Thomas on drums

  2. I love everybody on this video its funny and has the right people doing it PEACE!

  3. Damn I love Anne Hathaway!

  4. that video was kind of cheesy. i mean the teardrop? but i gotta say this is probably the most emoting i’ve ever seen kristen stewart do in her entire career, she should play dudes all the time.

    • She got a lot of good reviews for her latest film which premiered at Cannes (she didn’t play a dude in it as far as I’m aware)

      The video is pretty cool.

  5. I just wish Beck was in the clip dressed as a woman :(

  6. This was a half ass crappy video. Can’t anyone else see that?

  7. This is the worst Jenny Lewis song I’ve ever heard.

    • I have never heard a Jenny Lewis song before … but this is the worst song I have ever heard. “Just another lady without a baby?” Really. That is the crescendo of the song? Trite, cliche, forced, blah … and damned if it doesn’t get stuck in your craw like a popcorn husk.

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