St. Vincent Live On Letterman

St. Vincent is one of the most ferocious and compelling live acts operating right now, and that means she’s an ideal choice for the Late Show With David Letterman’s Live On Letterman webcast series, in which bands play full sets in Letterman’s Ed Sullivan Theater. Last night, she played on that stage for nearly an hour, entering through the crowd with a bizarre ballerina walk and then ripping through much of her recent self-titled album. And judging by the robotic art-star persona she projected all over that stage, Annie Clark is approaching Björk levels of weirdo swagger, with the added benefit that she can absolutely shred on her guitar when she so chooses. Watch the performance below.

St. Vincent is out now on Loma Vista.

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  1. That solo in Rattlesnake though.

  2. I just had a conversation about St. Vincent with some friends of mine. They recently saw her in Germany opening for the National – half of the people who saw the act hated it, they thought it was bizarre and slightly pretentious. The other half, which after watching this I tend to agree with, found it great. I mean, in a weird way, I don’t think you’re supposed to take it that seriously. It blurs the line of real statement (because I recognize that there are interesting themes of sexuality and humanity blah blah blah at work) and purposefully over-the-top entertainment, and I like it for that.

    • Also, I feel awkward for the room not knowing whether to stand or sit.

    • I think St. Vincent’s recent collaboration with David Byrne really influenced her in terms of stage presence and theatrics. Sure, it is bizarre and pretentious, but all with a knowing wink. And I love that she is really embracing the weirdness of her look.

  3. That was an amazing performance, and yet she makes it look like nothing compared to her non-televised shows. Seeing her in a tiny venue is mental; talking to the audience and making direct, prolonged eye contact with audience members, holding people’s heads or hands, and going MENTAL during Krokodil and thrashing about in the crowd.
    Everyone, pls go see St Vincent

  4. I think what sets her apart is her guitar playing. Not sure I care for all the weirdo robot ballerina stuff, much like I don’t really care for Janelle Monae’s whole sci-fi shtick. Some of her songs are good, and some not so much, but always original.

  5. Definitely amazing but I will say I enjoy her version of “Marrow” that she did the first time on Letterman with the fuller accompaniment versus here. Those lives saxs gave it much richer feel.

  6. This is the fucking business.

  7. Not liking the hair

  8. I’m not sure I like the theatrics, but damn she can play!

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