Conor Oberst

Late last year, a woman named Joanie Faircloth left a comment on the website XOJane accusing Conor Oberst of raping her, claiming the Bright Eyes frontman assaulted her and took her virginity 10 years earlier, when she was 16. Oberst released a statement denying her accusation, and then he filed a federal libel lawsuit against her, seeking a $1.2 million judgment against her when she didn’t show up in New York for a hearing last month. Not long after that, though, Faircloth issued a notarized statement apologizing and saying that she’d lied about the rape accusation. Oberst released a statement of his own, accepting her apology. And now, as Buzzfeed points out, Oberst has dropped his lawsuit. On Friday, Oberst’s lawyers filed a Notice Of Voluntary Dismissal. You can see the court documents at Buzzfeed.

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  1. Ughh!!! Rape is the worst possible thing a guy could ever do, and falsely accusing a guy of rape is the worst possible thing a girl could ever do.

  2. Off my dome, I’d say murder or assault would be worse things for a woman to do. Its quaint to see someone who thinks women only have enough power to be capable of lying.

    • I think you may be stretching the point a bit, Billy. A false accusation (of anything) can leave a mark on one’s psyche and stigmatize a reputation irreparably.

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