Nude Beach - 77

Two years ago, the young Brooklyn-based rock band Nude Beach released their album II, a deeply enjoyable piece of classic-rock-informed punk. Every song aimed straight for the pleasure center and hit its target, and I fucked up badly when I didn’t give it Album Of The Week. (Seriously, in three years of writing that column, it’s one of my biggest regrets.) I might get a chance to redeem myself this fall, when the band follows up II with a grand new double-disc album called 77. The album’s mere existence is awesome news, and the first song they’ve shared is a very promising indicator of where this thing is going. “I Can’t Keep The Tears From Falling” is a scrappy, melodic, catchy-as-hell piece of songcraft, a three-minute power-pop rager with a lot of Ramones and Replacements in its DNA. You should absolutely give it a listen below.

77 is out 10/21 on Don Giovanni.

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  1. This is one of those bands that I’ve seen like a half dozen times because they always open for somebody good in New York. Always a really solid set. Glad to hear they finally have the new album coming out.

  2. yeah that was pretty fun!


    Found it! You ran with the Dead Can Dance comeback. Haven’t heard it so no comment. Spot on about II, though, really fun.

  4. Sounds like Elvis Costello holed up in a garage. I dig it.

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