Jack White Ceremonial First Pitch @ Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers

After a rough night playing Detroit’s Fox Theatre yesterday, Jack White threw the ceremonial first pitch in his hometown for the Tigers. Maybe he’s still getting over his recent meme-ification as a disgruntled Cubs fan, but he still couldn’t manage to put on a smile even after throwing a straight pitch down the middle to an eagerly awaiting Santa, who was there as part of a Christmas In July promotion. Watch a video of his pitch below.

UPDATE: Here’s some better video. There’s a smile in there!

[Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images Sport.]

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  1. At least he did better than 50 Cent…

  2. either he’s doing it on purpose (out of spite for the media) or he’s just really unenthusiastic about baseball, If it’s the latter I honestly can’t blame him baseball always bored the poop outta me too

  3. I’d say that’s more “intense” than “sad”. He looks pretty happy here getting a selfie with Santa.


    Also here:


    My theory is he just really hates having to watch the Cubs.

  4. I’m not going to lie, I was really hoping he’d fire one in there at like 90 mph.

  5. And here’s Happy Jack White at the very same baseball game. (Seriously, take a bunch of still photographs of someone throwing a baseball pitch and they’re bound to look “sad” in at least one of them.)

    • Seriously. I even searched for “smiling baseball pitcher” and best I found was this:

      Pitchers don’t smile while they pitch! I know this isn’t Sportsgum, but…

  6. Baba Booey Baba Booey Baba Booey

  7. Wow, I did see a smile in there. I thought I’d never see the day.

  8. I might have been a bit annoyed to hear my song playing while I’m throwing the first pitch at a baseball game. During the game is different, but while I was pitching would have been obnoxious.

  9. Why are we reading so much into Jack’s facial expression. Is the man expected to walk around with a stupid smile on his face all the time? Seriously, who does that? As for the opening pitch, I just think he looks intense. Perhaps he was even feeling a bit of pressure to get it over the plate.

  10. Can we make this a recurring column? “How Does Jack White’s Body Language and Facial Expression Reflect, Maybe, his Current Relationship with Baseball Today”?

  11. Update: Meg White is in the Tiger costume

  12. Kudos to him for pitching from the mound, you don’t see that very often with ceremonial first pitches.

  13. “Swing and a miss! Auerbach gets fooled by the Jack White change-up – I think he was expecting White to really bring the heat…”

  14. He’s smiling all through that second video and in the pics posted above, CLEARLY happy to be there. Time to get off the Sad Jack train, stereogum.

  15. What’s with this wave of portraying him as some miserable sad being? He’s not a Cheshire cat, he doesn’t smile all the time, i’ve never seen anyone at a baseball game grinning as they throw the ball. How is this beneficial to your sad little site is beyond me because you are simply choosing to not show all the pictures taken at that game, before and after where he is in fact smiling. Do you not have anything better to do than write this shitty little articles? I think you are the miserable sad ones, not him.

    • …at the plate, and if the guy hadn’t been in Santa disguise I think he would have grabbed it.

      • After eyeing a second angle, it was still a bad pitch. And Santa did… grab it? While White’s effort was better than 50′s, the authors contention that this was “a straight pitch down the middle” is quite off. It’s like shooting a directionally-sound airball that’s short by two feet and yelling, “Dead on!”

  16. oh please lay off it already. for one millisecond the guy didn’t have a smile on his face – this is BS clickbait. I expect better from Stereogum.

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