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Back in May we heard about Jimmy Page’s frustration with Robert Plant over Plant’s refusal to do a Led Zeppelin reunion tour. At the time, Plant decried the highly commodified nature of reunion tours, expressing such reasonable sentiments as “I’m not part of a jukebox!” and “A tour would have been an absolute menagerie of vested interests and the very essence of everything that’s shitty about about big-time stadium rock.” Now Plant has weighed in again via the UK newspaper Express. Regarding Page’s ongoing effort to push for a reunion tour: “I feel for the guy. He knows he’s got the headlines if he wants them. But I don’t know what he’s trying to do. So I feel slightly disappointed and baffled.”

Plant also said he offered to make some new music with Page so long as it was in the acoustic milieu that Plant currently prefers — essentially a rekindling of their ’90s Page And Plant partnership. “A couple of years ago I said, ’If you’ve got anything acoustic, let me know. I’ll give it a whirl. It was hands across the water. He just walked away. But we couldn’t do anything proper. The weight of expectation is too great.”

Guess Zep fans will have to settle for that reissue campaign, which continues with Led Zeppelin IV and Houses Of The Holy in myriad formats on 10/28 via Atlantic/Swan Song.

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  1. gotta go with Plant on this. Bonham’s dead. Plant’s voice has changed with age. Let it go, man. Don’t end up doing what the Pixies did.

  2. Have to agree with Tim, Zeps best days are behind them and it makes no sense to water down their legacy with a tour and mediocre music if they all aren’t up to it. We have a lot of great music from one of the best rock acts of all time. For that we should be happy…and satisfied

    • Agree, mostly, but Led Zepplin’s legacy is un-water-down-able. They could literally do whatever they want and tarnish the brilliance of their catalog. In that sense, I can see why Page would want to go out and play it, but I actually agree with Plant on this one. Without something new to add to the mix there really isn’t a point.

  3. Plant’s right.

  4. Plant’s right. But we all know Page would still wreck it on guitar. OWWWOOOOOOOOOO!

  5. Page & Plant was the first concert I ever saw. That was in 1995 and that was amazing. Still, it was not a Zeppelin reunion. It was a reworking of some of Led Zep’s quieter songs, with a lot of acoustic instruments (The Cure’s Porl Thompson playing the banjo), a string section and Moroccan musicians. It was a blast but it worked mainly because there was no nostalgia and no intent to do the hard rocking songs Zep was known for. Also, Plant had clearly a leading role in that project. The core musicians on that tour were members of his usual touring band. Page’s guitar work was kind of understated and it worked well that way. At the time, I had some reservations about his voice but the more I think about it, the more I realize he has grown better with time. I like the subdued tone of his latest records. And I completely side with him on this matter. There’s nothing worst than aging musicians who try to rock as hard as they did in the 1970s but fail to do so. Neil Young is one lucky exception, though.

  6. I’m constantly having this argument with my classic rock fans. I see where Page is coming from and he’s one of my favorite guitarist of all time so I totally sympathize with the guy. Plant is right though. It would be a nostalgia act and just kind of sad honestly. I feel that a lot of bands from this era need to move on. I love the Rolling Stones but I really wish they would be conscious of how old they are now and how much different their lives are. The biggest strength a band can have is when they adapt to their own old age and change of circumstances and let that be reflected in their art. Led Zeppelin has always been one of my favorite bands but a reunion seems so gimmicky and disingenuous. We as fans have accepted that we’ll never get to relive the glory days with them but that doesn’t mean we can’t create some new memories with new music from them.

    Also their acoustic songs have always been some of my favorites. They rocked so hard that I think a lot of people forget just how folky they could be. So I would love to see what they could come up with now since that contrast from their heavier numbers is so apparent now (see Sun Kil Moon’s “I Watched The Film The Song Remains The Same)

  7. Honestly I wouldn’t mind if they changed the song keys way lower so Plant can sing them now. It’s sacrilege, but Zep songs might have sounded even better if they had been sung in a more male range.

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  9. I’m a fan of everything they’ve done.
    Maybe if Jimmy gets it going, with Robert, on the acoustic music, it could transform into the kind of tour Jimmy wants.
    Just not Zeppelin.
    I think Robert needs to let that legacy live on it’s own.
    They’ve done enough damage, as it is.

  10. I side with Plant as well. Let’s be real: the only people this tour would benefit would be the estates of the Led Zeppelin members. It would be sad to hear them try to do “Rock ‘N Roll” or “Black Dog” at this stage of their careers. I would love to seem them work on something akin to what Plant’s been doing solo as well as with Band of Joy. I even remember hearing him do a couple of Zeppelin covers in that vein and they were pretty great. Much better than trying to recreate the studio version. And I’m sure songs like “Goin’ to California” could still work as currently constructed.

  11. was just thinking about this yesterday while driving…….and I wish Jimmy Page would create new music and use his experience and talent to make new……..find other talented people who he can gel with and rock it out…… it the Firm or whomever

  12. Disappointed and baffled? It’s RP… why would he not be dazed and confused? Oh, because that’s the part he’s trying to leave behind.

  13. Pagey should get himself a bunch of hungry 20 somethings and kick out some old Zeppelin. Give some kids a break in the bizzness and please a bunch of old people at the same time. I’d pay to see it.

  14. I have enormous respect for Robert Plant’s willingness to live out the rest of his life as an actively creative person rather than allowing himself to be propped up onstage singing the hits like an automaton at Chuck E Cheese.

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    • Enough of this crap already. Nobody has ever sounded like Led Zepplin. No, no, don’t even start. I understand you point, but NOBODY has ever sounded the way those four guys sounded when they created and recorded music together. If they had we’d be talking about a different band, or a different group of people. There was a weird kind of magic to Zepplin’s music that wasn’t around before and hasn’t been created since.

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  18. So a downrate that shows the truth? haha

    • Everyone knows Led Zeppelin are rip-off artists. This has been common knowledge for roughly 46 years. Do you really think this is some mindblowing shit uncovered by those legendary musicologists Opie & Anthony?

      Pipe down already.

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        • “Younger folk” are part of a culture that openly celebrates the artistry of songs constructed out of samples of other music. Your assertion that Led Zeppelin are “fakes” is a judgment derived from your set of values–values, I might add, that are a bit of an anomaly in the history of music throughout the centuries, when songs were passed on orally and greatly morphed and changed over the years. The blues musicians that Zep worshiped borrowed and stole songs and licks from each other and from the past constantly. Hell, the U.S. national anthem is to the tune of a British drinking song. The idea of the borrowing and reworking of preexisting creative ideas being actual theft and worthy of defamation is one that arose with the concept of music as a commodity that could make people money.

          As Cerebus stated above, Led Zeppelin took material and did things with it that no one had ever done before or will do since. Their contribution to music and culture is invaluable and immeasurable. Pointing out their sources does not diminish it one bit.

          “Talent borrows, genius steals.” – Oscar Wilde

      • See: Rock Music

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  24. Caps Hammer Caps needs to Caps Hammer Chill. Y U so mad bro? OWWWOOOOOOOOO!

  25. Guess it’s the fanboy in me, but I’ll NEVER get tired of seeing Plant and Page jam together…whether it’s on old classic stuff or if they create something new.

  26. totally agree with Mr Plant. he remains a gentleman. Page is pathetic and most of all a cupid man.

  27. yeah Robert is on the right side here. The expectations are too high. I would love to have seen this guys live, but their whole story is just a done deal. I absolutely love Plants talk around the initial rumours of Zepplin touring (around the O2 concert) and him basically saying that the rock game isnt for him as he will need help walking accross the street in the near future. What classic rock star is this funny and honest?

  28. Page is Zeppelin, he doesn’t need Plant if he wants to tour. There are loads of unknown singers who would do the songs much more justice than Plant’s old ass.

    • This is silly. If any band was ever the sum of its parts, it’s Zeppelin. It was foolish to ever even continue post-Bonham. They’re maybe the only rock and roll band without whose drummer they simply would not have sounded like themselves.

      I am not even a Zep fan but I don’t see how anyone can fail to acknowledge the immense and equal contribution of all four members to a completely inimitable sound.

      • The Who instantly come to mind as another band who just do not sound like themselves without their original drummer (despite Starkey being a decent replacement). As amazing as Bonham and JPJ are, I’d take The Ox and Moon over them any day.

  29. After seeing Chaka Khan absolutely KILL it doing “What Is And What Should Never Be” at this year’s Bonnaroo superjam, I’m convinced that a Zep tour with her as vocalist would be fantastic. She’s got a very powerful, soulful gospel-inflected voice and delivery and she can hit the high notes and wail like a banshee. The expectation would be lowered because everyone would know it’s not gonna be Plant up there, they’d just be curious and pressure would be mostly off. And I can just hear the funky clavinet jam of “Tell Me Something Good” segueing straight into “Trampled Under Foot.”

  30. Jimmy Page should just go out on his own then. Him, John Paul Jones, Bonham’s son, and a guest singer. Kind of what Queen has done with Paul Rodgers and now Adam Lambert. Unfortunately there is a looming awkwardness because Robert Plant is still around, and just isn’t interested in doing. Plant still has the skill and presence to do it, but for some reason won’t agree to do a tour. Maybe an alternative would be for Led Zeppelin to just continue as an acoustic band primarily, and occasionally at shows bust out a song or two semi-acoustic or full on electric. The best of both worlds

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