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GQ just published one of those best-albums-of-the-young-century features, and in addition to their own picks, they solicited the opinions of their honorees. So Daft Punk heralds the Strokes’ Is This It, Beck sings the praises of M.I.A.’s Arular, Jamie xx reminds us that it’s been a while since we’ve listened to the Streets’ Original Pirate Material, Karen O admires the first Liars record, and Ezra Koenig big-ups both Stankonia and the Dirty Projectors’ The Glad Fact. (“It was my one and only published music review. Ha.”) Most notably, Justin Timberlake explains that D’Angelo’s Voodoo and Radiohead’s Kid A were altering his perspective back at the height of *NSYNC. Here’s Timberlake’s full bit:

JT Nominates: “D’Angelo’s Voodoo and Radiohead’s Kid A. It may seem ironic that I’d pick two albums released in the first year of the twenty-first century, with all the great music that has come since then. But I was 19. I was ready to listen to music in a different way. Not only were they filled with great songs, but the sound of them really affected me. They were complete pieces of work — progressive and retro at the same time. They transformed whatever world I was in at the time. And eventually led to my desire to make my first solo record. I’ll always reference them as the inspiration that got me off of my ass. I always go back to them, and they still do (get me off of my ass).”

We should note that JT’s love for Radiohead is previously documented — “I enjoy In Rainbows in the morning,” he told Rolling Stone in 2009, and last year he explained to Reuters that Thom Yorke inspired The 20/20 Experience track “Blue Ocean Floor” — but we weren’t aware he had become a fan so early on. It’s kind of crazy and oddly touching to imagine a teenage Timberlake losing himself in “How To Disappear Completely” before shooting the “Pop” video. Anyhow, read the full feature at GQ.

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  1. I’ve always thought of Blue Ocean Floor as a blatant How to Dress Well rip…

  2. Now I’m going to have to play Kid A and Voodoo today. In between spins of LP1 and They Want My Soul, that is.

    No one’s ever going to mistake a JT song for a Radiohead track (although JT could probably do a sublime cover of “Reckoner”), but it’s funny to think that they could have indirectly inspired songs like “Señorita” and “Rock Your Body”.

    • “Blue Ocean Floor” definitely has Yorke-ean qualities, you can hear the influence of Kid A and In Rainbows. It’s also a pretty crappy song in the end (it’s way too cheesy), but not exactly the type of thing you expect to hear on the year’s best-selling pop album.

  3. “Ironic”? People love that word but aren’t really sure how to use it.

  4. he released my love – clearly he was on another level for a period of time. too bad he waited so long to make more,

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