Wanna Hear Minnie Driver Cover Elliott Smith's "Waltz #2"?

When she’s not busy acting, Minnie Driver apparently also makes music. She’s releasing a new album called Ask Me To Dance soon featuring covers of songs from artists like the Cure, Neil Young, Paul Weller, and Stevie Wonder. Also included is a cover of Elliot Smith’s “Waltz #2,” who she met when he wrote music for Good Will Hunting, which is probably the last movie you’ve seen Driver in. “While he was recording XO at Sunset Sound, I happened to be down the hallway in another studio,” she told USA Today. “When I wandered into his, I was met with this beautiful wall of sound that was ’Waltz #2.’ I recorded it in memory of this great artist and a too-brief friendship.” Listen to the cover and watch a video where Driver talks a little bit more about her relationship with Smith below.

Driver’s album Ask Me To Dance is out 10/7 on Rounder Records.

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  1. cobra  |   Posted on Aug 1st +1


  2. not in the least

  3. It isn’t terrible, I would say that it is mediocre at best. Though I’m not particularly a fan of this rendition, I think her vocals are solid, her phrasing and interpretation are fairly decent. I won’t be buying her album, nor rushing out to see her perform, however, it is always nice to know that there are people who appreciate Elliott’s work.

  4. I can’t even even stand her speaking voice so this sounds like hell on earth to me…

  5. Ugh. This is a straight to the Starbucks counter album if there ever was one. Where to even start with the multitude of failures on this track? Stripping the song of a key dissonant chord is probably the worst thing they did. That the musicians leave an empty bass note in it’s place is a real mark of incompetence. You’d think that MInne, an “actress,” might have the ability to distinguish between the characters in this song but she plays the role of the cheesy karaoke singer and not the narrator/observer. Her generic country tone is not works against the song. The chorus is terrible. ES deserves better than this shallow exploitation.

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