Rock Hall Ousts Father Of Rock 'N Roll's Ashes, Installs Beyoncé's Wardrobe

In what’s sure to be another talking point for those who lament the rise of poptimism, DJ Alan Freed’s ashes were removed from the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame today, only a few days after the opening of an exhibit featuring some of Beyoncé’s most iconic outfits, including the black leotard worn in the “Single Ladies” video (seen above). Freed was a Cleveland radio DJ who is often called the “Father Of Rock ’N Roll” because he’s credited with coming up with the term and promoting the genre’s popularity. The Hall Of Fame even chose the Ohio town as their location largely because of Freed’s influence. His son, Lance, told CNN that the museum was being “disrespectful,” which makes sense considering that they wouldn’t even have a name if it wasn’t for him. Freed’s ashes have been displayed in a golden urn at the museum for the past 12 years, but executive director Greg Harris has decided it was time for them to go because ashes don’t tell a story and “the museum world is moving away from exhibiting remains.” Meanwhile, Beyoncé’s wardrobe will surely inspire millions of visitors in the future. “Rock and roll isn’t just about yesterday,” Harris said. “It continues to evolve, and we continue to embrace it and refine our operations.” The Freed family is currently weighing their options and wants to create a memorial to honor the DJ’s contribution to the development of the genre.

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  1. Whoop dee fuckin’ doo.

  2. Why is the same conflation happening here that happened on CoS earlier when they wrote about this? They didn’t directly remove those ashes to make room for any outfit from Beyonce. Also it’s the only piece of Freed material that seems to be leaving the Hall, so it’s not like they’re erasing the memory of him.

    • Exactly. Plus, somebody’s ashes as a display piece in a music museum is so weird to me.

      So when you clicked on this page, who did you think they meant with Father Of Rock ’N Roll? I was thinking Robert Johnson.

      • Had I not seen or read the similarly silly CoS article, I probably would’ve guessed Bill Haley or Ike Turner or someone since it says “father.”

  3. So why is anything of Beyonce’s in a museum about rock icons? She doesn’t make rock music.

    • Rock and pop are both incredibly nebulous terms. It’s how artists like Sam Cooke are able to get in.

      • Again, I would say that is one that doesn’t make sense, especially since he is known as the King of Soul. However, I would say that Beyonce is still the weirder choice. Basically, instead of inducting lesser-known acts who really are deserving of being honored for actual contributions to rock music, the Hall has chosen the route of honoring anyone who is not a rapper (oh, wait they’ve broken that rule, too) as long as they are popular. If they weren’t so afraid of becoming irrelevant, they could lead the way in giving some under-the-radar artists recognition and in keeping rock music in the public consciousness. I suppose it’s easier for a bunch of old men to be pop-culture sycophants than tastemakers, though. If they can’t be bothered to make any bold choices, then at least stop denying poor Chubby Checker. The Twist absolutely was early rock n roll.

  4. What song is “Single Girls”?

  5. First of all, she is NOT rock and roll!! She is rhythm and blues!! She is over choreographed, and a no talent snot nosed little ****! She can’t even sing “At Last” and do Etta James justice!! Why her wardrobe even merits a space in the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME when she is no where near Rock and Roll!! Too many of these “manufactured” “artists” are being passed off as music!! ENOUGH!!

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