A Brazilian Bus Magnate Is Buying All The World's Vinyl

The New York Times Magazine published a fascinating profile over the weekend of record collector Zero Freitas, a Brazilian man who made a fortune through his family-owned bus company and has been funneling all of his money into buying vinyl. Freitas estimates that his collection currently has “several million albums.” He has an extensive buying and cataloging operation, employing people around the globe to hunt down for-sale record collections and a dozen interns to keep track of all of the records in his possession. His goal is to digitize most of his collection so that none of the music will disappear unnoticed. You can read the article here.

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  1. digitize all of his vinyls and lose the one thing that make them superior sounding? what an asshole…

    • Or digitizing songs that were only ever released on vinyl and preventing them from disappearing forever?

      There’s a few ways to look at this. I say good for him.

    • You know that digitizing them doesn’t destroy the actual vinyl, right?

    • Vinyl isn’t superior to digital audio anymore. What makes them superior is pretty much the packaging (and the fact that people listen to mp3′s). If he’s digitizing for the sake of archiving, he’s most likely getting a high quality deliverable.

      • Not necessarily true. Digital’s come a long way but vinyl still has a different, some would say better, sound.

        • Point taken. One could legitimately opine that vinyl is ‘superior sounding’ and I suppose I could see Sergio taking that stance. I guess I was trying to say that (contrary to popular belief) audio from vinyl is not inherently better than digital audio.

        • A “Warmer” sound! Just alike Comparing a Solid State Amp to a good older Quality Tube amp. Vinyl has cleaner highs & Richer sounding bottom end!

  2. what kind of vinyl lover STANDS on his albums?!

  3. Hoarding done right. OWWWOOOOOOOOOOO!

  4. I Think this guy is a KOOK myself! I have about 40,000 pieces I’d sell him for the right price, but notice there is absolutely NO contact information for this guy???

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