Stars - "From The Night"

Stars recently announced their seventh album, No One Is Lost, and now they’ve shared the opening song. “From The Night” is a throbbing six-and-a-half minute track and, if the neon lettering and roller rink theme on the album cover didn’t tip you off, the song confirms that Stars borrows heavily from disco on the new record. “’From the Night’ is a letter to those of you who stayed home and didn’t take a chance on the possibility that a bassline and a hi-hat rhythm might save your life,” Torquil Campbell told NPR. “We just wanted you all to know that it’s beautiful out here; that everyone feels like time won’t end and we will all be alive forever. Oh, and one other thing: It’s lonely. There is no lonelier feeling in the world than watching the sun rise as you walk home. Go back to sleep. And dream…” Listen below.

No One Is Lost is out 10/14 on ATO

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  1. Wow, what a pretentious bunch of gobbledygook.

    • I’m curious, what does ‘pretentious’ mean to you?

    • ah, you must be referring to his remarks, not the song. well, I still disagree, but I can at least see where you’re coming from.

      • Yes, the remarks to NPR. Sounds like something an 18 year old would write after smoking weed for the first time.

        • Fair enough, but also to be expected when you ask an artist to speak about their art. Sometimes it bothers me, a lot, but for some reason this doesn’t.

  2. That’s some balls going with a Torquil song as the first listen for the new album.

  3. Stars pretty consistently puts out good pop music. This one does not disappoint, I’m excited to hear the rest of it.

    Also, the neon lettering and roller skates feel more 80s to me.

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