Kanye West - "All Day"

We don’t usually post early, low-quality leaks of singles, and this one, in particular, sounds like someone pointed an iPhone in the general direction of their stereo. But! It’s new Kanye! For about the past year, Kanye West has been discussing making a possible Born In The U.S.A. populist move with his forthcoming album after descending into darkness with last year’s Yeezus. In a recent GQ interview, Kanye talked about a new single called “All Day,” and he says that he’s talking the same sort of stuff that Jay Z usually talks on records. A version of “All Day” leaked online this morning, and it sure seems to be legit. I don’t know if it will return Kanye to pop dominance, but it’s safe to say one thing: Kanye is rapping on this thing. (Also: Justin Vernon backing vocals? Maybe?) Given Kanye’s perfectionist streak, the finished product might sound nothing like this, but it’s a promising hint of things to come. Check it out below.

“Got a middle finger long as Dikembe” is a very slick line.

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  1. hard to pass judgement already but as a yeezus lover this doesnt get me that excited (but again its waaaaay too early to pass any sort of judgement)

  2. Ah, I want to listen to this so badly but I think I gotta be patient until the better quality version comes along.

    • We should all be patient.

      The sound quality on this is beyond garbage. It’s too short to be the full song. There is no bass. This might as well be voicemail.

      Moving on.

    • I can’t even get it to play for some reason so I’m guessing it’s the universe telling me to wait.

    • Yeah, it’s a Kanye track with unfinished production and no bass. Would be like hearing a new Adele song without the vocals… or new War on Drugs without the guitars if you want a hipper reference.

      Ok, but let’s talk about what it *is.* Remember when Kanye was talking up a big, bombastic pop record influenced by Springsteen? Yeah this doesn’t sound like that… at all. Sounds like something that could’ve come between “Cruel Summer” and “Yeezus.” I wonder what the new album will sound like?

  3. Is that Kim at 0:40? OWWWOOOOOOOO!

  4. Well, now I know what an uncensored Kanye track would sound like playing on the Country Kitchen muzak. This early leak has the potential to be a grandma scandalizing classic.

  5. I am still not convinced this album is actually happening this year. Until an actual, official single and/or release date drops, I am not going to let myself get excited for a new Kanye album in 2014.

    That being said, this leak is making it very hard not to get excited. It always impresses me how much Kanye has progressed as a rapper, from kinda clunky flow with some great lines on College Dropout to effectively carrying New Slaves, which has such minimal production it almost borders on an a capella track until the outro. There is no way he could have pulled that off early in his career, and that is pretty amazing.

    • My guess is that All Day drops in September and the album in October.. November at the latest.

      • i really doubt it. in contrast to yeezus’ rushed production, i can easily see this going into early 2015. maybe we will get the single in september or october, though, but kanye originally said mid 2014, then summer, and now we don’t really have any official estimations

  6. Obviously this doesn’t mean too much since it’s a pretty trashy leak, but this song seems to willing to be part of the current rap sound rather than creating an entirely new path for hip hop, which is kinda what I expect from Kanye, so hopefully the finished product is a little different. Never doubt ‘Ye.

  7. I think it says a lot about a music news source (and Pitchfork is no different) when willingness to report a story where the music doesn’t come first — but being the first to report it does. The disclaimer at the top of the article is supposed to make it okay?

    “But! It’s new Kanye!”

    I’d be devastated if I was working on this album and this is how my work was first introduced to the public. Be the bigger news source and don’t make exceptions. It just comes off as if you don’t care about the music in the first place.


    • At least it’s a nice change of pace from the riveting daily updates about Arcade Fire’s cover song choices. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard five iPhone recordings of a song I’m told is “Been Caught Stealing”.

  8. Not gonna lie, this is getting me pretty hyped. I’ve always wanted ‘Ye to take another shot at a straight forward pop album since he started experimenting with darker tones (tbh, Graduation was pretty boring/average). Cruel Summer was almost that. It’s just too bad that it wasn’t a full Kanye project.

    Also, the part of this leak when that guitar (scratch that: distorted vocals?) came in was just too much. I’m wilin’ out.

    • I agree with like, half of this.. but Graduation is an amazing record.. Cruel Summer was pretty weak (for a Kanye affiliated project) aside from most of the singles.

      • Cruel Summer WAS pretty weak, though I feel like he could’ve taken the sound a lot further if it was his own solo project (dark, sexy, goth trap/club music).

        I don’t know. Grad has amazing singles (you just can’t fuck with “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” or “Flashing Lights”) but also a lot of painfully average stuff (“Barry Bonds”, “Drunk and Hot Girls”, “Everything I Am”, “The Glory”, “Big Brother”). Maybe I would’ve liked it more if I was a Kanye fan when it was released. It seems like it was just a really exciting time to be a Kanye fan.

  9. PS- That artwork is fanmade.

  10. Is anyone here seriously keen to listen to this? “Low quality leak” doesn’t sound very appetizing.

    Yes, I clicked on the story just to post this comment.

  11. If you want to hear a remake of the beat with a few of the vocals, go here: : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jp9yYqkXGqc

  12. Don’t bother listening to this. It’s like trying to listen to a song for the first time by hearing someone’s headphones playing a 128kbps mp3 three rows behind you on a bus.

  13. Listened for a little bit… there is no way this is a finished, produced track. It’s barely a rough track.

  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YP2QqIuoPBc arthur wright (all day)…. do great minds think alike or did I just get song jacked??

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