Ty Segall on Conan

Later this month, Ty Segall will give the world the sparkling, psychedelic, absolutely kickass new album Manipulator and we’ve only heard the studio version of one of its songs, the fiery “Susie Thumb.” Last night, Segall was the musical guest on Conan, where he (and his backing band, which includes Mikal Cronin) debuted another album track, the intense and feverish “Feel.” Segall wore some impressively brave glam-rock makeup, played a blazing guitar solo, and brought out the cowbell and the maracas for a perfectly timed percussive breakdown. All told, you won’t see a better late-night TV performance than this one anytime soon. Watch it below.

Manipulator is out 8/26 on Drag City, and it is so good.

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  1. Manipulator is an outstanding record. You can definitely tell Ty threw everything he had into this record. Top five of the year for me, if not higher.

  2. This guy deserves to be playing Jack White-type gigs; headlining Glastonbury, that sort of stuff. He just rocks so hard.

    • He deserves to be payed more than most of rock headliners today, though I really don’t want him to play in front of a clueless audience, and I don’t want to see a Ty Segall concert without being able to be 1st row.

      His music is the best rocknroll around these years, but it’s not made for coachella headlining. And remember when the black keys became a headliner ? They died inside. Don’t wanna sell Ty’s soul !

      • And I’m not entirely sure he wants to headline big festivals like that. But I have to say one of the greatest pleasures of seeing a band get big is how well they handle it and I think Ty would handle it well. I personally think he has more personality than the Black Keys ever did. That’s not to take away from their talent but Ty is a just his own rock star and there’s really nobody else like him. I would hope he take his friends along with him to the top because I personally think a lot of California psych rock bands are overlooked by the rest of the nation, like White Fence and Thee Oh Sees so I hope at the very least Ty gets some nationwide exposure like he deserves cause if you live in California and you don’t know who Ty is I seriously question your music credibility. And if you wanna take about paying dues Ty has been releasing albums like nothing and all just so masterful. He’s the Man Man. Also best rock set I’ve ever seen on late night.

  3. Gah, fuck you work computer. You and your lack of sound.

    This is actually still pretty cool on silent.

  4. i literally actually just creamed my pants. hard.

  5. Holy crap! Superbly executed. When does Rock n Roll ever sound that good on late night TV? Next to never.

  6. Stereogum,

    Please don’t do a Premature Evaluation on this, because it needs to be an Album of the Week.

    Plus, the Kix album already came out, so I don’t see any viable competition that week.

  7. Most underrated rocker of our time… The dude is a complete monster and has a deep catalog of excellent music.

  8. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  9. That falsetto is leaving me breathless.

  10. My favorite part was when he randomly whipped out a giant hard sausage and start wacking on it.

  11. Ty Segall and Los Angeles have managed to make each other even cooler.

  12. Guy needs to get a new drummer, she looks/plays like she’s bored

  13. this song is stupid so is his makeup…

  14. merchandise title fight destruction unit and milk music played my brothers skatepark they were good all the rest decent also but id rather see TY SEGALL WHITE FENCE JACK NAME ETC.. GOOD STUFF

  15. Guitar solo and energy was good, song was mediocre two-note garage rock….I continue to be a bit underwhelmed by Ty Segall, his hype seems to precede his actual songwriting chops. Also that drummer’s feel is the pits.

  16. Corporate rock

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